January 12 7:00pm-My husband told told me it would rain today, but washed my car anyway. 3 hours of clean was worth it.

January 13 11:00am- Going out to buy a new camera to take awesome car pictures. 3:30pm- Great day out with Jon. Canon Power Shot 110 secured. Ready to take some pics. 8:30pm- Now to read the manual. 9:00pm- 20 pages were not quite enough for me. Saved 100 page manual to desktop from the internet. Tomorrow’s another day to learn how to point and shoot.

January 14 12:45am- Who would have thought that learning how to be a blogger would be so time intensive. No worries…I’m enjoying each and every minute of it. (PS thank goodness P!nk is playing in the background).

About Debbie

Love cars, love writing, love family...that about does it.
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