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How to Park in 2020

Just a simple post. Keeping safe, I park as close as I can to comfort, and as far away from danger as possible. It takes a great deal of effort, expert use of mirrors, and a whole lot of patience. … Continue reading

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Windows Down!

Does our loud, self-imposing version of  Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts sound better? Can we score more points playing Travel Bingo? Does nature somehow get a little deeper into our souls? I certainly believe so. It’s not enough … Continue reading

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Positively Unedited

  Hello Social Media Friends! It’s been a bit, and of course a great deal has happened in all of our lives. Retirement (almost two years now) has brought much to The Studio That Never Sleeps and my positively unedited … Continue reading

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Sleepless in the Studio

Hello WordPress friends! Been a bit, but for very good reasons. And in true ME fashion, everything seems to be connected in a chaotic, consistent, and continual state. Hence-renaming my ‘crafting’ room’. It is now called The Studio that Never … Continue reading

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Motor Head Likes Bling!

Dear WordPress Friends, I know it’s been a while. As I continue to wait on positive responses from book publishers, I have decided to open up a small jewelry company using Etsy as my platform. A typical workday is made … Continue reading

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… Like You Stole It

The helmet padding smelled all James Deansy. You know… Brylcreem and 10w30 with a little WD40. He’d let me ride back from the finish line in the Chevy II, and I’d put that helmet on for fun. For just a … Continue reading

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Jumping Into Neverland

Hey Friends, I’m stopping by to give you an update on my adventure. As you know, I gave up a beloved teaching career with great sadness and reservation. It is no surprise that I miss the children, their parents, and … Continue reading

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Coal Rollers Part 1

Opinions Welcome! Hey to all my Word Press, LinkedIn, and Facebook friends.  I’m getting ready to work on an article about something known as Coal Rolling.  It may even be referred to as Black Smoke Trucks.  At this time I … Continue reading

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My World…

My world According to Me… thus far As most of you know I’ve jumped off a very large cliff. This post is simply a warm up to things yet to come. No More Teaching: This was the very, very hardest … Continue reading

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I Think I Can, I Think I Can…

Just like the Little Engine That Could, I took on Spring Break with confidence and energy.  Ahhh… time away from teaching and I’m having a very productive week. Closets cleaned, drawers organized, flip-flops color coordinated, and even time spent writing. … Continue reading

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