Hot Cars, Cool Cause



We car people support the car culture in many different ways.  Maybe you’re a collector that houses your gems, taking it for a spin on a beautiful day.  Perhaps your coveted auto is your daily driver that is in a constant state of evolution because of real life events.  Of course there is a myriad of ways to be a car person, and this past weekend I was able to take part in a great car show that brought members of the car culture together.

On Saturday, July 23rd,  two Springfield, Missouri car clubs came together to host the First Annual Doughnuts Not Donuts fundraising event.  The 417 German Autostil and The Ozarks Z Club worked for several months in partnership with The Arc of the Ozarks.  The philosophy of the The Arc of the Ozarks is “to support individuals with disabilities in directing their own lives as valued members of the community“.  The car show was held at Country Girls Espresso on Sunshine Street.  (Please click on these links to learn more.)

This multi-class, family friendly car show included free Krispy Kreme doughnuts, a bouncy house, face painting, category judging and trophies.   While it was probably the hottest day of the summer, the turn out was outstanding.  Participants and spectators, combined with the hard work of so many, made this event a huge success.

Here are a few pictures from the day…

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3 Responses to Hot Cars, Cool Cause

  1. Welcome back Debbie, great pics from a great cause. 9f course the doughnuts are a bonus. 🙂

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  2. BFF says:

    I’m so glad it was such a great success!!! It’s so cool that your family shares the passion for cars!

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  3. bradnuessle says:

    Well said! I like the slide show with the still pics too. Great turnout for their first show! You captured it well.

    Liked by 1 person know you want to!

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