Windows Down!


Does our loud, self-imposing version of  Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts sound better? Can we score more points playing Travel Bingo? Does nature somehow get a little deeper into our souls? I certainly believe so. It’s not enough that we feel the rumble of the Olds Cutlass with the 350 Rocket engine next to us at a stoplight. Rolling the windows down fuels our love for cars. Never mind the ‘real car’ smell, and the accepting smile you share. It’s not enough to pull up next to a young man who loves the Dub Life. It’s getting to hop out of my car and toss a ‘You’ve Been Spotted’ card on his front seat. However, my love for cars is just a very small reason why I’ve always said, “Windows down, radio up…heater on, if necessary.”

Whether you push a button, hit your key fob, or are lucky enough to have the ones that crank, roll those windows down! The wildlife will magically appear in that open field at Lone Elk Park. You’ll be able to take a better photo. And asking for directions will be that much easier.

There are so many ways to experience the world just by rolling the windows down, opening yourself up to life.

Here are just a few that I’ve thought of. Feel free to add your own, positive examples in the comment section at the end.

  • Trying to stay awake, late Sunday evening, on your drive back to college, hoping the cool air will make up for the treasured late nights spent catching up with family and friends.
  • Being able to hear the Cascades and smell the Aspen Trees of Colorado, not knowing you’re about to get engaged.
  • Hand stretched high, waving good-by, not looking back, after you’ve just gotten married.
  • Letting the dog you hope you’ll never be without, hang his head out, savoring the wind with a wagging tongue.
  • Circling the neighborhood, calling for that same dog, hoping desperately, he will hear your voice.
  • Displaying your car at a car show, accepting compliments on the two-toned red and black leather seats.
  • Asking “ya’ll need some help with that flat tire?”
  • Motioning for the next guy to go in front of you, on a congested parking lot when the concert is over.
  • Letting your hand wind surf while your husband points out the fall foliage on a ‘just because’ drive down Highway 61.
  • Cruising Lindbergh Blvd., going in and out of the Steak & Shake, and White Castle parking lots…back in the day.
  • Hanging the speaker (introduced in 1941 by RCA) at Ronnies Drive-In…honey to the right, and kids on a blanket surrounded by gravel and buttered popcorn.
  • Small towns take on a bigger meaning.
  • Big cities can show you there’s more to them than car horns.

MJ Mirror

You see, windows down shouldn’t be reserved for ATMs, Burger King drive-thrus, and “yes, officer” moments. Windows down is meant for yelling up at your favorite girl’s bedroom, hoping her dad won’t hear. Windows down is meant for a quick lean-in kiss from your husband before heading to work. It’s for catching up with someone at a red light, helping a stranger, and reaching for that forgotten lunch from your mom.

Rolling your windows down will help you embrace, enjoy, and interact with this world… a world that is, too quickly, rolling by.

Creds: Photos- Me, Jon, childfreelifeadventures, Lyrics-Rascal Flatts, Tim Mcgraw, Videos-YouTube

PS I’ll never give up on The Mustang Wave. It’ll be a thing…I just know it.


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Love cars, love writing, love family...that about does it.
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4 Responses to Windows Down!

  1. brazealy says:

    Love this post! So, I have two more situations to add—
    While you’re listening to your favorite jam and want to share it with all who are within earshot!
    After you’ve been grocery shopping with a mask on your face, social distancing, anxiety high—just wanting to breathe in fresh air and experience a sense of normalcy again.

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  2. Josh Warren says:

    Nothing feels better than those first few seconds of the wind when the windows are down and the weather is just right!

    Also I know a few cars that have been a pleasure to do a duke boy window climb. Brings out a masculine charm.

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  3. So true. I always drive with the window down to hear my engine make beautiful sounds. The original radio in my car was updated internally in order to take bluetooth, I have never driven with it on. I like the warm summer breeze rushing in the car and getting hayfever at the car show as a result. But it makes me smile and that’s all that matters.

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  4. Rolling the windows down is for feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face especially whilst singing along to the radio

    Like know you want to!

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