I Think I Can, I Think I Can…


Just like the Little Engine That Could, I took on Spring Break with confidence and energy.  Ahhh… time away from teaching and I’m having a very productive week. Closets cleaned, drawers organized, flip-flops color coordinated, and even time spent writing.

I went out on a limb today and sent a few of my songs (after quite a bit of editing) to the Bobby Bones show in Nashville. While they may feel that my talent (or lack of) can only be used to line the bottom of a birdcage, I’m hopeful for constructive criticism at the least. At most I would love for one of the songs to be passed on to an interested artist, who might in turn want to use the lyrics. If you want to make things happen you have to make them happen. Or famous words by Napolean Hill – Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bobby Bones radio show here are a few facts:

  1. Bobby is accompanied by ‘a bunch of friends’.  This includes Amy, Eddie, Ray, Lunch Box, and Nada.
  2. At present the show comes from Nashville and can be heard in most cities around the country.
  3. The Bobby Bones show is brought to us by iHeart Media.
  4. All members of the show support the premise of #pimpinjoy. This phenomenon has raised a great deal of money for St. Jude, veterans, to name a few. It also encourages a positive mental attitude, acceptance, and appreciation among people… for all people. Not a show airs without the mention of people doing nice things for other people.
  5. Other phrases include FIGHT, GRIND, REPEAT  and Everyday Is A Good Day!
  6. While the show’s format is primarily Country, Bobby and his co-hosts embrace all types of music.  One of my favorite segments remains The Friday Morning Dance Party.  When we don’t go to Friday Mass you can find my third graders dancing like crazy at 8:00am.  We even got a shout out from Bobby!
  7. I believe the show celebrates its fourth year on March 16, 2017.
  8. Bobby has written an inspirational book titled Bare Bones. It is certainly worth reading.

Here is a link to the show to learn more.  The Bobby Bones Show


Final note: To my blog followers- I know this post appears to have nothing to do with cars. But it does. My goal is to some day write full time focusing on my blog, young adult fiction, etc. Hopefully this passion will continue to have an automotive slant and pay off monetarily.

In my own unique way I will continue to try and make positive changes in my life. Hopefully theses changes will have an impact on others. I look forward to what lies ahead!

If you have an opinion about sending my songs to Bobby and his friends… I would love to hear it. However you may have more to say about the color coordinated flip-flop collection.

Thanks for reading.


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Route 66-A Past, A Presence, A Passion

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The only thing better than being a car enthusiast is being a car enthusiast driving down one of the most beloved stretches of highway in our country’s history. Route 66 is America. It is a drive that connects the dots from the past to the present. When you touch this great road it touches you back.

Here are a few pics I’ve taken along Route 66.

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As one of its newest members, I  went to my first meeting of The Route 66 Association of Missouri. A huge thank you to my husband, Brad for riding shotgun!   We didn’t know what to expect, but the hour-long drive to Wildwood, Missouri was a beautiful one. You might be curious as to how it took an hour to drive from South County to Wildwood. In truth: when I hit the “avoid highways” option on my navigation, I really do mean it. Our destination was Stovall’s Grove Dance Hall & Saloon. We enjoyed a great meal of pork steak, chicken, salad, and other sides along with 60+ other members.


The meeting did not disappoint. Led by our president, Tommy Pike, it was extremely well run, informative, and entertaining from start to finish, The agenda included items such as the treasurer’s report, old and new business, and upcoming events. Rounding off our visit was a historical presentation given by Stovall’s proprietor.


Prior to joining the association, I knew I had a fondness for The Mother Road and its history. However, it was when Ruth Keenoy, a historic preservation specialist, spoke about the work she and our club have done, and continue to do, on the Meramec River Bridge.   It was then that I became excited about being part of The Route 66 Association of Missouri. I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the association also takes very serious the preservation of neon signs along the road, in addition to a great number of other worthwhile endeavors.



A big thank you to our table mates Ginger and James.   There was another likable fellow with great humor, but I can’t recall his name.  I later found out we were sitting with royalty, as James is the VP of the association.

Anyone can join the Route 66 Association of Missouri.

The bridge we are saving is located in The Route 66 State Park.

Please click on links throughout this post to learn more!

Picture credits: Me, NPR Service, flickr.com, and a gofundme page set up by Keenoy for the bridge.

My greatest apologies for any misinformation.

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Quite A Bit





I just needed to say it so I wrote this song to my son Jon. It makes my heart very happy.  My heart is always very happy.  My heart is always #brightside… and quite a bit more.


Quite A Bit

Just in case I haven’t told you this in quite a bit, I’m missing you more than just quite a bit. You’re on my mind most partial parts of most every day and I can’t help myself to say I miss you more than words can say, but only in a small enormous way. No pressure from your momma’s heart just a few vague words full of sidewalk skips, giant steps and rain drop puddles with big jump starts. I miss you more than a few small hugs, more than heartstring tugs, and more than all the moments in a calendar year. No pressure here, no pressure here. Saying it out loud brings clouds to a clearing up smiley day, but hey #brightside sent your way. Missing you more than just quite a bit, it’s like fields of praises, gone up in blazes and love spilled out upon the floor. But I know I raised you and your heart spills inside my heart forever more. I know you’ll come back and we’ll touch hearts, saying goodbye to time apart. Until then I miss you so much more than just a little bit, quite a bit. Until then I’m hit with quite a bit of you not here. You’re nowhere near, your voice unclear. You’re on my mind most partial parts of most everyday. You’ve found your way, and your Momma says hey. And way to go. Way to go. No matter where you roam….You’ve found your way. Until you find your way back home. Until then I miss you more than just a little bit of quite a bit, and more than a calendar that never quits. My heartstrings sing and sing and sing. I miss you more than just quite a bit. Looking down the road that brings you home to me. I miss you more than just quite a bit. Just in case I haven’t told you this in quite a bit, I’m missing you more than just a quite a bit. I miss you more than forever and quite a bit more until the road leads you back to me.


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Love you as big as the sky Jon Boy.

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Great American Pony Drive


My first personal day of this school year was put to excellent use.  Along with several of my Mustang Club of St. Louis friends, on Thursday September 1, I participated in the Great American Pony Drive.  The following is taken directly from their website:  The Great American Pony Drive is the only MCA  (Mustang Club of America) Chartered Driving Club. We were formed to promote driving events with America’s favorite Pony Car and members from all over the world. We are the only Mustang club that actively interacts with Mustang clubs all over the US, working with each to plan activities for the members of each club while we are visiting their area. The success of Pony Drives each year can be directly attributed to this participation with the other clubs and Mustang businesses.  Please visit their site to learn more.

For our club, the event meant gathering at 8:00am then crossing the historic Route 66 Chain of Rocks Bridge.  Click on the link to discover a bit of the rich history of this mile-long bridge.

After being closed for quite a while it is now a foot traffic only bridge, making our crossing a unique event.  Our club was very fortunate to have spent an hour on the bridge enjoying conversation and Mustang photo ops.


The weather was fabulous and our club had the biggest showing.  A big thanks to all those who made this day possible.  It’s obvious I should take off work a bit more often. Enjoy the photos.

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Weekends Only.

Here are a few pics from the past few days . Love the car life. 

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Hot Cars, Cool Cause



We car people support the car culture in many different ways.  Maybe you’re a collector that houses your gems, taking it for a spin on a beautiful day.  Perhaps your coveted auto is your daily driver that is in a constant state of evolution because of real life events.  Of course there is a myriad of ways to be a car person, and this past weekend I was able to take part in a great car show that brought members of the car culture together.

On Saturday, July 23rd,  two Springfield, Missouri car clubs came together to host the First Annual Doughnuts Not Donuts fundraising event.  The 417 German Autostil and The Ozarks Z Club worked for several months in partnership with The Arc of the Ozarks.  The philosophy of the The Arc of the Ozarks is “to support individuals with disabilities in directing their own lives as valued members of the community“.  The car show was held at Country Girls Espresso on Sunshine Street.  (Please click on these links to learn more.)

This multi-class, family friendly car show included free Krispy Kreme doughnuts, a bouncy house, face painting, category judging and trophies.   While it was probably the hottest day of the summer, the turn out was outstanding.  Participants and spectators, combined with the hard work of so many, made this event a huge success.

Here are a few pictures from the day…

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Hashtag Bright Side


It has been two months since my last post “Ten Reasons to Hire Me”.  Ford Mustang did not ask me to do their social media (for example) so I ended up signing my contract as a teacher for my fifteenth year.  It was with slow and steady pen, much deliberation, and a bit of a heavy heart. (Never doubt my love for teaching.)  While some may think I took the coward’s way out…it is far more important that I continue to do my part financially than to make any risky moves.  I will remain confident and steadfast in pursuit of a future filled with writing.  Rest assured-I’m working very hard getting my ducks in a row and making them quack.  I’m not a coward, just a go-getter with a level head.  As each of my ducks begin quacking respectively I will share details. I will be looking on the bright side of things knowing there is much to be done.  In the meantime-here is a bit of car stuff.

I got a new decal!  I’m pretty proud of it.



With both boys out of the house…I’ve come to know the perfect garage.  It isn’t filled with high performance show cars, but with family.


Since February, I’ve been in 5 cars shows (that I can recall) and one parade.  That’s a lot of shine and show.  Honestly, I’d much rather be on a back road cruise, but the folks in my car club are pretty neat to be around.

Early in the summer I met my twinsie…well almost.

I hope all is well with my social media friends.  Make the most of your summer.  Stay cool, be nice to other people, think positively, pick a goal and stick with it, and be you for a reason. #brightside

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Illustration from tag-illustration.co.uk


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