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… Like You Stole It

The helmet padding smelled all James Deansy. You know… Brylcreem and 10w30 with a little WD40. He’d let me ride back from the finish line in the Chevy II, and I’d put that helmet on for fun. For just a … Continue reading

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Cloudy With a Chance of Mustangs

  The annual St. Louis Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was held on Saturday, 3/12.  Being a rain or shine event meant no complaints about the forecasted weather.  A forecast that proved to be correct on the only day parade folks … Continue reading

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#mustangcrushmonday Week 3

The new 2015 Ford Mustang comes with it a very special feature…the Toggle Switches.  In order from left to right we have Hazard Lights, Traction Mode, Steering Mode, and Driving Mode. Hazards are self explanatory. Traction Mode includes ON for … Continue reading

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Muscle cars don’t guzzle gas, they drink it with purpose. – July 19, 2013

Here are 7 not so interesting facts about me followed by The Plate of the Week. My favorite type of music is Country, but my favorite musical artist is P!nk.  It all sounds pretty great when the windows are down … Continue reading

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First Place…Still

It’s interesting that some of the most extraordinary moments in your life occur at I time that no matter how hard you try you will not be able to recover them.  My dad, Rich Stepp, hard worker and family man, … Continue reading

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Ooops – June 10, 2013

Sorry the last post (a draft) slipped through my fingers.  It was not ready for publishing.  Still working on a series with Collector’s Fund, Christian Brothers Automotive, and hopefully a few others that involve helping young car enthusiasts, the community, … Continue reading

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Cars…Live Music…Prizes!

Friends, Over the next few months car enthusiasts – owners, collectors, and dreamers alike will be able to participate in a Car Cruise hosted by Chick-fil-A in Arnold, MO.  Whether you have been waiting for St. Louis Summer weather to … Continue reading

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Missing the cruisin’

You know your life is changing…is different … when you’re on a Facebook chat at 1:30 am and it says Mikonos, Kikladhes at the bottom. I sure do love my son Jon Nuessle.               … Continue reading

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Easter Car Show

St. Louis can be a weather weary place  during the Spring, especially if you are a car enthusiast like me, well most of my family for that matter.  As we are just (maybe) getting over washing the salt off our … Continue reading

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Where travel, dreams, thoughts, and cars collide.

While my son Jon has begun his adventures in Greece to study its amazing history and architecture I find myself not only missing him, but I am missing our shared love of cars as well.  Semester’s end will bring 90 … Continue reading

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