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Stoplight Odds …#Mustangcrushmonday Week 6

While investigating my stoplight odds I found out a few interesting tidbits about the badging on the 2015 Mustang.  Here is a brief pictorial: A V6, 3.7L with a base price of $23,xxx has a horse on front, horse on … Continue reading

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Manns Restoration – A Kaleidoscope

In 1816, while observing objects using two mirrors, Scottish scientist David Brewster noticed patterns and colors being recreated and reformed into beautiful new arrangements. He named his invention using the following Greek words: kalos meaning beautiful, eodos meaning shape, and … Continue reading

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Let It Go …

Let it go…said no car enthusiast ever. A lot happens with a car between mile 3 and 95,059.   And when it comes time to trade it in the memories pay no heed to the Christmas tree and rush forward at … Continue reading

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Look Mom, No Hands!

  This post is dedicated to my brother, Mike. Riding on the back of his 5-Speed Schwinn Sting Ray while he went free handed down Rogers Avenue in South St. Louis seemed so scary at the time. But those far-away, … Continue reading

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  Summer means shining up the car, swiping the gas card at the local pump, and venturing off to parts unknown. Today was no different. A friend of a friend told me about a nice little white horse down around … Continue reading

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It is important that if you love should live for them and not die because of them.. This is a quote by fellow blogger Sid.  He has a great blog about cars and one of his latest posts focuses … Continue reading

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With the news that Michael’s ’72 Cutlass wouldn’t start compounded with the fact that he had to drive “the Honda” back to college we needed a bright spot in the day.  We found many of them at a car show … Continue reading

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It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago Brad and I were at Dave Sinclair Ford agreeing that “yes, white is the best color”. (Most people don’t know that I really wanted a certain shade of blue, but there wasn’t … Continue reading

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Michael and Brad have had the pleasure and the unfortunate displeasure of getting  new exhaust put on the ’72 Cutlass.  One would think going from single to dual would be a piece of cake, especially when you place your pride … Continue reading

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What a great way to spend one of my final days of summer… by taking a road trip with my mom to Winfield, MO to visit an old friend.  Catching up with a dear old friend is an understatement.  Shook … Continue reading

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