Easter Car Show

The original ad featuring the ’70 Swinger.

St. Louis can be a weather weary place  during the Spring, especially if you are a car enthusiast like me, well most of my family for that matter.  As we are just (maybe) getting over washing the salt off our cars, in  a few short weeks our clean cars will be dodging April showers.  We do, however, have something to look forward to…  After saying grace, enjoying green bean casserole, along with the usual Easter fare, this year Brad and I will be soaking in some amazing sites.  On Easter Sunday, Forest Park will host the 52nd annual Concours d’Elegance car show.  On display will be approximately 600 cars from the 1900’s to the mid to late ’80s. Gear heads and regular folk (the people I don’t quite understand)  will be able to enjoy the beauty of antique, classic, and collector style cars.   There are two qualifying traits that  a car in the show must have.  One- it must be at least 25 years old, and two- it must be unmodified from the day it was driven off the production line.  If you’re wondering.. I’m more qualified to be in the show than my car is.  I meet both guidelines (if you don’t count the numerous attempts at the perfect frame through weight loss over the years), while my car only meets one.  Husband Brad is hoping to see his old ’70 Dodge Dart Swinger in the line-up, as it has made an appearance once before.  A guaranteed great day filled with the shine of the sun, quarter panels, blowers, and hood ornaments.  Stay tuned for pictures of this annual car show.


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4 Responses to Easter Car Show

  1. Mart Dawson says:

    Great post. I hope you get to see the Dodge again, that must be quite sentimental. I did chuckle at the comparison of your production line body, but people should look past that and see the person inside, that’s the important part.


  2. Anonymous says:

    That sounds like great family fun!


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