I wanna do a wheelie!

A big thank you to good friend Doug  at http://rubbermalletconsulting.wordpress.com/ for sending me the following video via Facebook.  Its a fun little showing of a 1965 Mustang simply having fun on a drag strip.  Not a bad “plate of the week” either.  Enjoy!

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Love cars, love writing, love family...that about does it.
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8 Responses to I wanna do a wheelie!

  1. Yvonne, the BFF says:

    Sure got Gary’s attention when I was watching the video!!! Cool to see turbo speed with a right side driver…


  2. bradnuessle says:

    160MPH Awesome! Love that tire chatter!!!


  3. Haha!! So Glad you loved it!!
    Love that turbo spool!!
    Those Aussie’s I tell you what.. Haha!!




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