Man in the Mirror

Here is a video Jon created!  This documents a photo shoot right after he got his 2016 GTI and our shared love for cars.  Enjoy


Song credits: Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Vile, produced by Matador Records, Copyright 2015

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Love cars, love writing, love family...that about does it.
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4 Responses to Man in the Mirror

  1. Nice, I so wanna drive down those type if roads. Loved the pics of the cars by the lake.

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    • Debbie says:

      You will… and soon my friend. This happens to be at an enclosed animal sanctuary. Kind of a family tradition to take the boys there, so very meaningful to do a cruise/photo shoot with Jon as an adult. First time for me to follow another car for a common purpose. Man in the Mirror was a perfect title.

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  2. BFF says:

    Aw, yay John! Very cool!

    Like know you want to!

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