Legal Graffiti…or Vanity on the Move…or It Must be Personal!

Having a blog is a great thing.  It holds a different meaning to each of us who spend the hours writing, photographing,  linking, uploading, posting, etc.  There are days I just want to stop and focus on one of my (many) other things that I’m pretty good at.  I’m disheartened that some of my  friends don’t follow, why some days I have a 1 visit 1 view day, why I’m not spending my time trying to sell the next great American best seller.  But a blog is an avenue that (if your heart is into it) deserves wherewithal and perseverance.   As I was driving to work I noticed a great Vanity Plate and decided it will be the first in a series of postings.  I do realize that I’m typing and posting for myself, mostly, but it is important to extend a big thanks to those who do follow me.  Many of you who know me know that I don’t do things “just a little bit”.  And maybe I am a bit vain as I completely support the idea of Vanity Plates. Although, I am certainly not without my criticisms for some. There is a story behind each plate and isn’t that what bloggers are all about…a story that our readers might enjoy reading.

IMG_0271Final Note:  I hope this is her philosophy and she lives it every day.  It helped me just by reading the words.

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Love cars, love writing, love family...that about does it.
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8 Responses to Legal Graffiti…or Vanity on the Move…or It Must be Personal!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you written this next American best seller?


  2. Mart Dawson says:

    Hi Debbie,
    You are makin’ a grown man sad now. Don’t be down about your friends, you have new ones on the blog like me. (OK i guess that is a reason to be down then). But, I had some friends who now don’t look at my site as the “novelty” for them has worn off. I am lucky in a way that my passion to get my car on the road is basically what I write about. Sometimes funny things happen in the process of fixing my car, like people trying to teach me religion, or stopping to look at the car etc. I don’t go out of my way to come up with a story just what ever takes my fancy. Sometimes it is difficult i know that to think of something. How about posting more pics of your father and his car? I was fascinated by that post, i demand more. There must be more there, what was it like hearing the cars, seeing bits all over the place, his trophies, your memories. Being around cars from that era as they were made must be awsome. Your blog doesn’t just have to be about Mustangs. You are an individual who owns a Mustang, the stories will be from around your day life. I do like the idea of funny vanity plates, we don’t have them on this side of the pond so it’s an education for me.
    I will be watchin for more posts.


    • Debbie says:

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, I will continue the vanity plates postings. I have some interesting examples yet to come. I will be asking my mom if she can dig around for some more pictures of my dad and the cars he owned. Thanks again.


  3. bradnuessle says:

    Thanks Mart for the kind word of encouragement for Debbie. She is a great writer and my hope for her is that she never stops writing.

    Dearest One – Keep going! The story about your Mom’s note was great. The vanity plate UGO GRL was your sign. I’m very proud of you for taking this on and learning to do all this. Love ya bunch! B


    • Mart Dawson says:

      Hi Brad,
      My pleasure to read your mom’s blog or mum this side of the pond, no need to thank me. I enjoy the reads and I love the stories, just got to get some more out if her. In fact you all sound great, I am interested in your trip too not just your mom by the way. I will keep an eye on her for you too.
      Take care. Mart.


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