Cars of Nashville-Part 1, Transformers and Generals

What could make a visit to Nashville, TN complete?  Curious car sightings, of course! Pulling off the highway we were greeted by none other than Cooter’s…a Duke’s of Hazzard souvenir mecca!

They had everything!

They had everything!

While I am a fan of the General Lee, I came away empty handed and no thank you to the $5 fee for having my picture taken in the driver’s seat.  A fun and unique stop non-the-less.

Entering the lot of our Holiday Inn Express we spy not one, but 4 Camaros.  Do I see a problem with them taking up 6 spaces…absolutely not!  ….Some women would prefer a bouquet of flowers…not this gal.  Victory Red, Rally Yellow, Ashen Gray, and Inferno Orange…such a sight.

Taking up 6 spaces!

Taking up 6 spaces!

BFF Yvonne was the first to notice the Transformer plates.  The Orange camaro had Bumblebee on the side!  Makes me kind of want to see the movie. Those cars did not move from their spots, then Friday morning they were gone.  We speculated that there was a high stakes poker game being played, but our shuttle driver informed us that they came all the way to Nashville from Ontario for a local car show.  We preferred our story of slick men, fast cars, and reckless gambling.  Note the decal on all of the cars.  I tried contacting them via a website and Twitter, but no luck.  If anyone is familiar with this band of Traveling Transformers, please feel free to share.  PS  For all you petrol heads out there…our room number was 427 hmmm.

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1 Response to Cars of Nashville-Part 1, Transformers and Generals

  1. Mart Dawson says:

    love it. the camaro pics are awesome. the room number just tops it of nicely.

    Like know you want to!

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