Gettin’ High in the County – Summer 2013

Gettin’ High in a Pick Up Truck!

Here’s a little post for my friends “across the pond”.  These pictures were taken while out and about with my mom ( willing accomplice to take prisoner a picture of any roadside oddity).  This is my favorite stretch of road to travel; Hwy 61-67 winding south as far as one cares to go.  It plays cat and mouse with both Hwy 55 and the Mississippi River.  My love for this road is a story saved for another day.

Just a guy we met on the way!

Just a guy we met on the way!

Getting the truck was a breeze. I was able to easily walk the parking lot.  The beware of dog sign was not supported by any evidence of a wildly barking dog sporting a metal studded collar.  This truck, which seemed to double as advertising for the junk yard,  appeared to be sitting up on something behind the fence.  Quite the attention grabber as we drove by.  On the other hand (or foot),  flip flops were not the proper attire as I made my way across a suspicious area of overgrown grass, empty gatorade bottles, broken glass, and an Igloo cooler lid.  Non-the-less, I was able to get the Mustang.  Perched upon an old trailer with bars on the window indicating treasures abound on the inside, or not.

This is not a contest of any kind.  But guesses for make, model and year are welcomed and encouraged.  Sure, one is a Mustang and the other a truck.  I don’t know the year of either, but I’m sure buddy Mart over at and my friends at will come up with the correct year of the pony that’s lost its gallop.    The truck…I do know the make, but that’s it.

I would love to hear from everyone.  First question might be- are the vehicles up for purchase?  This particular business seemed abandoned.  After seeing the triage challenges that mustangmaniac is up for perhaps a bed might open up in their horse hospital.  LOL

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12 Responses to Gettin’ High in the County – Summer 2013

  1. hotrodhigh says:

    Looks like a Studebaker to me


  2. Mart Dawson says:

    Ok my guess. I reckon the Mustang is a 64/5 coupe. I can’t see any badges on the fender unless they fell off, so on that assumption I would say it was an inline 6 pot banger not a v8. The wheels look like 4 studs as well. The truck – no idea what so ever. Lol.


  3. mom.. says:

    I love the way you go after the picture you want.. It’s even better , .being there with you.
    I like to root you on, through the weeds, over the rocks… And you ever let flip-flops
    hinder your. task


  4. Debbie says:

    Mom-2 things….1. You are getting so much better at your commenting technique and now hold 4th place in my stats. 2. I love taking those drives with you. It started a long time ago when we would get a few Miller Lite ponies and head down any old road.


  5. Yvonne, the BFF says:

    I don’t know too much about the vehicles you posted, but I do believe I recognize “the guy you met along the way.” He lives in my neck of the woods (my section of Hwy. 61-67).

    Like know you want to!

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