Swap Meet…A Reflection! 9/15/13

Loves those reflection pics!

Loves those reflection pics!

Lookie lookie!

According to urbandictionary.com a SWAP MEET is a place where people come to buy, sell and/or trade various goods.  If I had known how unique, rewarding, and “totally out there”  a swap meet could be I would have gone to one a long time ago.  The Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri held it’s annual car show and swap meet at Queeny Park a few weekends ago.  Brad and I took in a refreshing look at collectors, traders, and enthusiasts as we made our way slowly up and down each concrete aisle.  I saw stuffed deer heads, old gas pumps, and trailers full of just about everything.  The folks that we met were genuine good ol’ boys as we searched spread out blankets, , tailgates, piled high tables, and motor oil stained card board boxes.  We were lucky enough to meet Dan Buckley, a good natured fellow who offered high quality parts worth taking a look at.  Cutlass mud flaps secured!  Then there was Buster who said, “Everything’s negotiable!”  He let me walk away with prizes for a song. Lovin’ my Pinto medallion!  No thank you to the gold plated boots! LOL.

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After rounding up our swap meet treasures we enjoyed the modest car show offerings.  Sometimes less is better, as we encountered a hillside sprinkling of a few spectacular Mustangs,  one customized Corvette, a truck with a motorcycle gas tank confined within the frame of its engine compartment, and a man who fell asleep next to his wheels.

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The sampling was just enough to whet the automotive appetites of  a couple of car geeks spending the morning together.    Just wondering…when and where is the next SWAP MEET?!

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10 Responses to Swap Meet…A Reflection! 9/15/13

  1. Yvonne, the BFF says:

    Shopping & good deals–sounds like my kind of fun! Love the treasures you found. Also, your blog is getting so fancy with changing pictures and all…

  2. What can I say to a picture for me? Thanks Debbie 🙂
    We have similar things here called car boot sales. The difference is that we don’t have the nice cars lined up like that. Our car boot or trunk sales as you would say, are for everything not mostly car parts. When I see pictures like that I just want to go rummage around it all. The slaes here used to be good but now people seem to know what they have and try to sell it at high prices. If you look hard enough you still pick up a bargain or two.

    • Debbie says:

      You are so welcome! This was my first swap meet and I can honestly say I have an order of what I like to do when it comes to leaving the house where cars are involved…1. drag races 2. a swap meet and 3. car shows. I’m going to invite myself to the next pick and pull scrap yard visit that Michael and Brad going…we’ll see how that ranks on my list!

  3. mom.. says:

    I haven’t been to a swap meet in . y e a r s
    it brought back memories of an old bow.
    I think that is the only time I got him to go shopping w/ me.

  4. buster says:

    thanks for remembering who I was among all the venders glad you had good times at the swap meet hope to see you next year shop well it was a lot of fun and remember everything is negotiable (buster)

    • Debbie says:

      Hey Buster, thank you for your comment and for following my blog. Yes, it was fun, especially for being my very first one! Good luck and let me know when you sell those stunning boots!! LOL

  5. I should send you a list of some obscure parts we need. Lol

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