10 Years of Driving Excitement-September 19th, 2013 –

First Car Show

First Car Show

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago Brad and I were at Dave Sinclair Ford agreeing that “yes, white is the best color”. (Most people don’t know that I really wanted a certain shade of blue, but there wasn’t one on the lot.) I remember driving my new 2003 4.6 Mustang GT off the lot, while Brad finished up the paperwork.  He’s always been that way.  Letting me have the frills while he handles the ground work.  With 12 tiny miles on the speedometer, I drove the car to a meeting and it took no less than 5 tries to locate the best parking spot…who might park next to me, am I too close to the road…and the saga began.  My family and close friends can tell you story after story about my strains over something as simple as parking my Mustang.  If you haven’t been exposed first hand to my frenzy over cars please view my 30 Crazy Car Rules post.  For the past 10 years I’ve enjoyed making my Mustang a part of who I am.  It isn’t so much an extension it’s more that I’ve become different owning it.  Being the owner of a muscle car has reopened the chapters of my family’s past.  Memories have resurfaced and I’ve established a consistent appreciation for cars in my life.   Hot rod talk about my passion for cars spurred on the creation of this blog…of this I am so grateful.  My blog has helped the roads of my two passions collide…cars and writing.

As my car celebrates it’s 10th birthday I present you with a bullet point list of facts:

  • purchase date September 19th 2003
  • build date October 24, 2002
  • the 348,444th car to roll off the assembly line in Dearborn, MI
  • color-Oxford White
  • VIN # 1FAFP42X03F348444
  • 12 miles on the speedometer when I picked it up
  • my car does not have a name, but I do refer to it as a tank
  • price tag $26,XXX
  • 15 oil changes
  • 5 state inspections
  • improvement/wear and tear items include: an Alternator Voltage Regulator, a new Intake Manifold, an Idle Air Control Valve,  brakes, two new rear bumpers (neither my fault), 3 new sets of tires (all  my fault), a battery, two repaired tires from nails, wiper blades, and the infamous noise that took 3 years to trouble shoot
  • car remains totally stock except for the blue neon glow with a toggle switch that is concealed under the dash – Thanks Mom!
  • cost for repairs and maintenance $7130.67 – This tally does not include gas, car washes, cleaning products, or the ground effects
  • total miles on my car 79,547…less than 8,000 miles per year
  • repair and maintenance cost to drive my car =  9 cents per mile
  • gas mileage-never considered it, not once
  • present wish list – new wheels, new headlights, hood repainted, spider crack in bumper fixed, headliner glued back up

Some nay sayers might try to point out that less money could have been spent around the corner at “I know a guy who does that”.  But I know that over these past 10 years the best garage for me has been Dave Sinclair.  They’ve endured my little quirks and honored my requests that have equaled royalty lodging.  I’ve gotten in and out quickly every time.  There were times I’d drive my car away cleaner than I left it. Dave Sinclair Ford has proven time and time again that they know and appreciate the car that you drive.  In the spirit of Dave Sinclair’s motto…”If it’s not right, we’ll make it right”, I can honestly say that it did get to that point, and this gal got a rental no questions asked, and my car was detailed when I picked it up.  A big shout out to Dave Sinclair Ford on South Lindbergh, and a huge thank you to everyone in the service department, but mostly to my service guy Matt Hackney and the mechanics behind the scenes for taking care of me and my car so well these past ten years.

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14 Responses to 10 Years of Driving Excitement-September 19th, 2013 –

  1. Something magical and nostalgic is indeed this post.

    What a great little hot rod Debbie and we’ll written article on its behalf. Give it a nice Birthday peel-out for me 🙂



  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy 10th anniversary. Traditional gift would be tin or aluminum. Maybe that helps to decide what is next.


  3. Katie says:

    Remember the time we sat on the patio at Frailey’s – the ONLY ones to brave the chilly night air – so we could keep an eye on the Mustang?


  4. Yvonne, the BFF says:

    Happy Birthday/Anniversary to you and your muscle car! Love the comment about your two passions and how they collide–yow, bay-bee!!!! I can see the fireworks and feel the energy…


  5. mom.. says:

    Happy 10th ..I want to get the detailing for your birthday..
    What color?


  6. Yvonne, the BFF says:

    Aw–your momma is SO awesome! 🙂 The appreciation of a sweet-lookin’ ride lives on…


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