Snowkyo Drift!

If I must, I must (more power)!

If I must, I must…gotta earn that pay check.

While my Mustang may ride like a tank with it’s corner hugging, rough riding suspension, it does not operate like a tank in the snow.  So if this weather does not break soon, I have two options:

1. Put a lift kit on my fabulous little Mustang…or…

2. Take drifting lessons from my son Jon

Love our St. Louis weather, but can’t wait to say good-bye to the partially snow plowed, salted roads, and say hello to the irritating Spring rains that cause me to wash my car every few days.   Ahh, the woes of owning a car I love to take care of.


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9 Responses to Snowkyo Drift!

  1. Lift it, lift it!

    And no joke, we may not have the snow (Ice is on the way :[…) , but the winds and temps are putting quite a damper on this shadetree mechanic’s outdoor mechanic’ing lol.

    Here’s to fair weather on the horizon!


  2. Leave as stock as you could cause unexpected handling?


  3. Hi Debbie, I am not sure why my first comment didn’t come out but hey, I can do it again. I would go with drifting. It would keep the car how it was designed to be and the drifting skills could come in handy in rain, snow, ice, unexpected oil patch etc.


    • Debbie says:

      I totally agree, and here we go again with snow in St. Louis. It’s getting a little old. Now I’m just wishing for those pesky Spring showers which cause me to wash me car every other day… 🙂 Hope your wrench time is going well.


  4. Katie says:

    Just read this post. What a brutal winter we had! But how easily we forget whilst in the midst of 90+ temps & high humidity! Finally got my car washed today! Summer, here I come 😉

    Like know you want to!

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