The Year of the Horse

It’s the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese.  However, we auto enthusiasts might look at it a bit differently.  A horse with four legs is fine for cowboys, rodeo riders, and the like.  The kind that gets my motor running is the horse that comes in numbers and can be found under the hood. I am especially fond of the horses found under the hood of a Mustang. Horse Power in a horse, double bonus.  Generally the top speed for a racing thorough bred is around 50 MPH.  Ha!  That’s nothing.  My little ’03 GT can double that and then some  in a heartbeat!  Giddy-Up!

While people born under the Sign of the Horse are thought to be kindhearted, creative, and talkative, it’s proven that those of us who have the “Good Fortune” of driving a Mustang are quick off the line, appreciative of all things Hot Rod, and love to tell a good stop light story.

Finally, we can all agree it’s really The Year of the Mustang, considering it turns 50 this year!!   Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Birthday Ford Mustang…time to rev up those horses!

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7 Responses to The Year of the Horse

  1. Great post. You beat me to it, I was gonna do the horse & Mustang thing. Great minds and all that.


    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Mart! It’s going to be a great year. Go ahead and do your rendering. Mine was inspired by son Jon who reminded me about the horse connection. Who knows? It might even make the Broncos win the Super Bowl. Do you watch this big event across the pond?


  2. Katie says:

    Great article! Happy Horsepower to you 😉


  3. Original horse power pic had me cracking up Lol!

    Happy Year of the horse! And Happy anniversary to your beloved Mustang 🙂



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