A Colorful World Passes By


… and sometimes I ask it to slow down…and so it goes ….my view from the front porch.


Standing still they’re blowing past
Numbers on cars going Nascar fast
What I wouldn’t give for a slow down, don’t you know
‘Cause where I come from, only the horses run
When the day is done, we take it easy 

  The distinct sound of it’s Cobra awesomeness sets it apart from all the other cars, and all the other Mustangs.  It has been rumbling past our front window for a while now. After about a month we didn’t even need to look out. We just knew.  I’m pretty sure it was a day that I had my Mustang parked in the front yard that the exchange of waves began.  A friendly arm shot quickly out of the window of that very familiar Mustang.

And because I love to make things happen…

Tyler, with his great big smile, agreed to an interview.   What an amazing young man with a gentle spirit. At 22 he works two jobs to pay his bills while living with his family in South County. His passion for golf and cars helps him enjoy employment at a country club and car leasing business respectively.  When Tyler isn’t working he stays busy helping folks in need through his church. Soon, he and a dozen or so other members will be going to the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia, helping to rebuild, inside and out, the home of a family in great need.

And when this outstanding young man isn’t working or helping others, he tends to his 1996 Mustang Cobra. And what a Cobra it is!  This baby packs 345 HP and has custom exhaust. It boasts 18-inch tires with Saleen Wheels, and has been lowered with Tokico Suspension. The Mystic Cobra with its 5-speed transmission is Tyler’s pride and joy. Surprisingly, at the age of 22, this is Tyler’s third Mustang. Tyler went on to say that this is the best riding Mustang he has owned, would love to spend some money on the suspension, and is a Mustang driver for life.

A few FYI notes about Tyler:

  • His crazy car rule-the door locks must both be up or both be down
  • He totally supports the “wave to other Mustang drivers” rule
  • His dream car is a 2004 Mystichrome Super Charged Cobra
  • He owned a Camaro once, but sold it after two weeks
  • Tyler listens to Country music

It’s nice to know that there are other young men out there who love their families, help others, and love cars. Some people change their colors once you get to know them-not Tyler. A genuinely nice guy driving the best American muscle car there is.  A muscle car that just happens to change colors.

There's that smile!

There’s that smile!


It may not face a dirt road in the country, but sitting on my front porch is one of my favorite places to be. A big thank you to Tyler for keeping the Front Porch experience alive and kicking with his down to earth personality and a love for American muscle.  As this colorful world passes by I never know what I’ll see or who I’ll be lucky enough to meet!

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7 Responses to A Colorful World Passes By

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great post! Tyler sounds like a wonderful human being. It’s kinda cool how good people seem to attract more good people!


  2. Nice to see the younger guys appreciate a proper muscle car none better than a Cobra spec at that. Awesome paint job and sounds as good as it looks. Regards to Tyler from this side of the pond who also appreciates a good car.


  3. The sound gives me chills. So glad I could grow up with a Mustang in the house. How I’ll never forget that distinct, deep, throttling sound.


  4. Katie says:

    Fantastic post. Tyler is a fine young man with great taste in cars 🙂


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