A Wiggidy Good Time


Only 3,000 miles...a real beauty.

Only 3,000 miles…a real beauty.

Summer means shining up the car, swiping the gas card at the local pump, and venturing off to parts unknown. Today was no different. A friend of a friend told me about a nice little white horse down around Bonne Terre, MO. I know it isn’t quite time to trade in my ’03, but I figured it’s like most things: plan soon, search often, double check, and narrow down.

So son Michael and I headed south. It was a beautiful day…low humidity, and just under 80 degrees. St. Louis this time of year can be brutal, but today promised an awesome, windows-down drive.

Whether left to its perfect self or carved away by expert engineers, Missouri landscaping provided mountain after wonderful mountain, this way and that…amazing pictures as we crested each peak. Between breathtaking views there were no dead armadillos today. Only roadside firework stands and a barrage of mobile home and shed dealers. Temporary distractions until we hit our exit. After a few roundabouts and a small jaunt we reached AutoCenters Bonne Terre. Like a trading post with all the necessities of a highway 67 traveler, this modest, 11 year old business appeared to us in it’s small but mighty outer-road glory.

Pulling in and parking on the lot was easy…Of course I backed my car right up next to that 2014 Mustang. We were immediately greeted by Cody an extremely well mannered and thoughtful salesman. He knew his stuff, and gave us the low down on that beautiful Mustang. No pressure, just important questions, answers, and guidance. Well done, Cody.

The lot was laid out nicely, and one could not help but notice the down home feel…complete with Wiggidy the Frog. (To be “Wiggidy” is to be happy, to have fun, and to enjoy life. )  Relaxing on a bench outside the main office was an older gentleman reading a newspaper,  waiting for his newly acquired truck to come out from the detailing area. Note to self: the pace on this car lot is moving at the customer’s speed.

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Those who know me well and know me best, ultimately know that the Trans Am hood hanging on the wall was the high point of my visit. Seeing that piece of history (and others like it) decorating the sales area reinforced my belief that this is a place that loves cars and what the perfect car means to it’s customer. This was mirrored in their motto “building relationships for life.” A motto of not just words…a foundational slogan that may successfully send this outer road car dealership into its next 11 years and beyond. Not to be overlooked, they pride themselves in fast financing and worry-free warranties.

While I won’t be buying that beautiful 2014 6speed, V6 Mustang, I will certainly send both friends and family down their way. Yes, there are big city sales, and then there are small town successes. All my best to AutoCenters Bonne Terre. Thanks for the visit. It really was Wiggidy!



Finally: Here is a bullet point of today’s awesomeness, in no particular order.

  • cruising down south and back with Michael
  • my transmission seal holding up
  • meeting a genuine salesman names Cody
  • mastering 4 roundabouts
  • noticing the same Red 60’s Corvette coming and going
  • the smell of the 2014 Mustang
  • that 6.6 Trans Am hood
  • seeing our neighborhood Chameleon Mustang fly by the house

Cars are Cool!

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3 Responses to A Wiggidy Good Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gettin’ wiggidy with it!!! Yess! Sounds like a great place to strike a deal. I may have to head that way soon in search of my dream jeep. I’ll be sure to ask for Cody when I do…


  2. Makes a pleasant change to have a nice car salesman who ain’t out to stitch you up.


  3. Katie says:

    Sounds like a great bonding experience for you and Michael.


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