Cowgirls at Heart

This post is dedicated to Yvonne, my best friend of 30 years.  We’ve had  triumphs, trials, tragedies, and travels.  Our most recent trip to Tishomingo, OK may have been at the end of a winding road. We may have been cowgirls for just a few short days, but the happy memories will remain comfortably in our hearts forever… May we revisit them often, hide our crazy only when it’s absolutely necessary, and ALWAYS have attitude!


You’re here!…You’re Here!…Enjoy! How wonderful to be met with such an amazing jubilant greeting.

Checking In!

On November 7th, we headed   for The Ladysmith in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.  The 8 plus hour drive was no match for us. The cab of her brand new Jeep Sahara was filled with anecdotes, long-winded conversations, sometimes solving the problems of the world. And so much laughter…there was always laughter.

Two-lane Hwy 69… polka dotted with small towns, farm animals, lakes, twists and turns was the perfect road to deliver us to our destination. At its end was a left turn to a very small main street. It seemed we could see both ends of it at that stop sign.  The size of the town didn’t matter.  A view of the Pink Pistol opened up…larger than life.  And across the street was The Ladysmith.  Both are products of Miranda Lambert’s cowgirl dreams.

At check-in we were greeted by Ashley, one of the amazingly attentive innkeepers. We were too overwhelmed to snatch up one of the (just as promised) warm chocolate chip cookies. Suitcases started to roll and before we knew it someone was toting them upstairs for us.

Here are a few pics of the lobby!

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Lucky us that Miranda Lambert wanted to transform an old building on Main Street located just across from her Pink Pistol Boutique. This combination detonated our travel plans. This combination further proved to be one of the best vacations we’ve ever shared.

Here is a look at our room, The Judge.

Our room came with a fabulous  private bath.  It was beautiful and had everything we could want or need.

We met so many wonderful folks who shared our love of country music and Miranda Lambert in particular. Distances traveled included San Antonio, TX, Maryland, and a couple who traveled only 30 minutes.

Hands down- our favorite part (other than shopping) was just hanging in the private bar area with the other guests (who soon became friends) and our bartenders Josh and Amanda. Conversation was relaxed and comfortable. And no one got out a cell phone. (Except me to take a picture of the Mustang beer I was drinking!)

More pictures of the Ladysmith!

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As amazing as the pictures are, they still do not tell the whole story. From the fluffy robes, personal attention, unique furnishings,  (let me get that for you) breakfast, surprise gift, New Orleans like balcony, and many photo ops…The Ladysmith was a vacation destiny dream come true.  Here is a peek at our amazing dining experience.  A three course breakfast was served each morning.

Referred to as Miss Miranda-the respect was ever present. While a huge country singer, married to Blake Shelton, seeming to own the town…that was not what we left with. Her attention to detail for hospitality, hiring the perfect people, and her devotion to helping dogs are just a few of the tasks she has devoted herself to.   She has her own line of boots, coffee, and wine. This is a long list for any other tiny cowgirl. But not for Miss Miranda. I know she would love for ya’ll to visit the Pink Pistol, stay at the amazing Ladysmith, and learn more about her devotion to dogs. Yvonne and I are already making plans for trip number two this coming Fall.

I’ll leave you with a look at the Pink Pistol Boutique!

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8 Responses to Cowgirls at Heart

  1. Love your post and pictures about the Ladysmith. Larry just designed a web site for Tishomingo OK Let’s us know when you guys come back maybe we can book the same night. Hope you will friend me on facebook Janell Nabors Hammers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anonymous says:

      Well done, my talented and fabulous BFF!!! I LOVE this post and how you captured the true experience we shared together. I wish we could “Thelma & Louise It” back to Tishomingo right now! It is a road trip worth taking–however large or small. Tishomingo, OK seems like a part of us now–from the friends we made while we were there to the the small town vibe that is so profoundly endearing… Thank you for blogging about our special trip together! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Debbie says:

      Thank you Janell. I will be sure to check out Larry’s site. Yvonne and I are hoping to go back in the Fall!


  2. Yeeeee haaaaa, welcome back. Looks like a whole lotta fun you both had. So cool to have a BFF of 30 years wish I could say the same. Happy new year to you both and your respective families with all the best wishes from this side of the pond. 🙂


  3. Katie says:

    So happy for you two! The much anticipated trip seemed to exceed all expectations. What a blessing your adventure was…to Tishomingo, the friends you made, the friends who lived vicariously through your getaway and relished the telling of the tale upon your return, and especially to you and Yvonne.

    Liked by 1 person know you want to!

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