#mustangcrushmonday …Week 2


Week 1 comes from hdwpics.com. Such awesome graphics!

Hey to all my WordPress and social networking friends! Here’s something new…. #mustangcrushmonday This is something created by my son, Jon. Each Monday we will showcase a unique picture highlighting the love that car enthusiasts have for Mustangs. Send a picture, quote, etc. to my email and I will post it to my WordPress blog, of course giving you credit by providing a link to your site. Thanks for joining in the #mustangcrushmonday experience!

This week’s edition is just a sampling of how to decorate with Mustangs!



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3 Responses to #mustangcrushmonday …Week 2

  1. Yvonne Henderson says:

    Love this idea!👍😜

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  2. Anonymous says:

    After looking at all the new cars…mustangs included. I think I am going to have my 2001
    car refurbished .. I’m not sure I have enough life left to get used to all that electronics.
    love my car even though it’s a chevy.. your Mustang is powerful, beautiful, and I am so
    proud of you .. I am happy with my cavalier .
    I hope I have enough money to keep it for another 10 years A lot of repairs are ahead of me…
    I wish I had a picture of a MUSTANG. But I don’t….I just wanted to reply to your mustang
    Monday.. Love You Mom

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