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Another great day at my reliable Dave Sinclair Ford Dealership. The new car brought with it a few minor factory flaws. Of course these minuscule things, only a dedicated (not at all obsessed) car owner would notice. Over the past … Continue reading

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In our house, we don’t discriminate.  If you love your car then we love that you do.  We’re not brand snobs, etc.  Son Jon is getting ready to acquire his brand new VW.  He’s brand smitten, but remains true to … Continue reading

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First Mustang Owner… #Mustangcrushmonday Week 8

Click here to see a bright little video about the world’s first Mustang owner.   Her name is Gail Wise. She bought the car when she was 22 and still owns it today. She seems like quite a gal, and wouldn’t … Continue reading

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I Got You Babe… #Mustangcrushmonday Week 7

Who knew that Sonny and Cher had his and hers 1966 Mustangs? photos from: claspagarage.blogspot.com, jalopnik.com, justacarguy.blogspot.com

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Stoplight Odds …#Mustangcrushmonday Week 6

While investigating my stoplight odds I found out a few interesting tidbits about the badging on the 2015 Mustang.  Here is a brief pictorial: A V6, 3.7L with a base price of $23,xxx has a horse on front, horse on … Continue reading

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STREET LEGAL-ish #mustangcrushmonday Week 4

Leave it to Ford, Ford Dealers, and advertising in general to improve on my love for the open road…with billboards. This #mustangcrushmonday was inspired by one I saw while traveling home from Nashville, TN.  It just happened to be that … Continue reading

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Full Blown … #mustangcrushmonday Week 4

Modifications for this family meant racing on the weekend and making the car ready to get groceries on Monday. Modify…. that’s a pretty open-ended term. I’m just a gal with a car that I ordered from my beloved Dave Sinclair … Continue reading

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#mustangcrushmonday Week 3

The new 2015 Ford Mustang comes with it a very special feature…the Toggle Switches.  In order from left to right we have Hazard Lights, Traction Mode, Steering Mode, and Driving Mode. Hazards are self explanatory. Traction Mode includes ON for … Continue reading

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#mustangcrushmonday …Week 2

Hey to all my WordPress and social networking friends! Here’s something new…. #mustangcrushmonday This is something created by my son, Jon. Each Monday we will showcase a unique picture highlighting the love that car enthusiasts have for Mustangs. Send a … Continue reading

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