Ten Reasons to Hire Me


Hello to all of my social media friends.  It is with great enthusiasm that I write this post.  There comes a time for change.  I am the gal that tries  to make things happen.  While it’s true I have everything, I’m just looking for a different kind of everything. No, I’m not running for president, but given current circumstances I’m quite possibly one of the better options.

Now for the big news flash.  I don’t want to be a teacher anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching.  My school and my students are fabulous.  However, there is something more out there for me.  And I have more to give.  The future is a mystery that I am ready to solve little by little with gumption, hard work, and go-get-itness.  Ideally my next work environment would involve my mac, cars, and people.  Working from home would be a plus.

Here is my less than traditional resume’…

  1. I am super sparkly all of the time and bring an upbeat vibe to every situation.  This is listed as number one because I truly know (not think or believe) that I can make a positive difference.
  2. Talking with people is a forte.  Public speaking…no problem.
  3. I type quite quickly, using all ten of my fingers.
  4. Problem solving comes naturally for me, easily looking at the end result in the middle of a situation.
  5. Prompt, creative, organized, snappy, smiley (throwing that in just in case you skimmed by #1), enthusiastic, tolerant, and honest.  These are but a few adjectives that describe my sassy little unique self. (Hee hee-threw in a couple more.)
  6. I’ll be happy to hang out after work for a beer as long as the parking is good.
  7. Detailing my car will only be done at lunch time or after the whistle blows.
  8. Being surrounded by cars would definitely be a benefit.
  9. I know what WD40 is for.  Just sayin’.
  10. Technology is a passion.  I don’t creep…I’m just a good Googler.  🙂
  11. Numbers one through ten can not completely express how awesome I would be given the opportunity to embark on a new adventure.


My final thoughts:  I don’t normally ask my friends to share.  However if you know of someone who is not afraid to add a little more success and a whole lot of awesomeness to their business…by all means share away.  Also, I’m okay with my present administration finding out about this.  What intelligent person would look down upon my actions as I attempt to make me a better me, and the world a better place?  I’m supposed to turn my contract in by April 30th….Ready, set, go!


The VW picture was originally used by amberinalbania.

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Pony Parade!


The Mustang Club of St. Louis had a great turnout at the first car show of the season. With temps in the high 40s, we met early offsite, then cascaded  down Dougherty Ferry to The Museum of Transportation.  Tops were poppin’ and exhaust was a blazin’. The parade of proud ponies was  a long and impressive line.   Our friends at Fords Unlimited were included in the showing.  Together, the clubs impressed volunteers, visitors, family, and friends.

Secretly I longed for name tags to make conversation a bit easier, but as the day progressed our parking spaces filled with spit shined metal melded together to form a bundle of horsepower, common quirks, and respect for the ride.  Names were not needed to rub elbows while talking about mods, hours spent detailing, and how we all check the weather channel before we check our Facebook page.

I love the car life and live for the next smell or sound that places me on the line or at the show.   Many thanks to all who supported our car show.

Here are a few pics.  My apologies if I left anyone out.  Final thought before we go to pics:  This post is dedicated to RUBY L MISSEY.  Mustangs forever, especially in heaven.

An inside….

out view of the day.

The club crew was eager to sign up new members!


And we met our newest member, Diane!  A very nice 2016!


While walking about I made a few new friends.  Zach and Josh love their rides and totally prepped them for the show.

I’ll leave you with a few more pics…or as I like to call it-PLATE of the WEEK.


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Cloudy With a Chance of Mustangs



The annual St. Louis Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was held on Saturday, 3/12.  Being a rain or shine event meant no complaints about the forecasted weather.  A forecast that proved to be correct on the only day parade folks needed it to be otherwise.  I was one of those folks.



As everyone knows, I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety for the following reasons:

  1. Driving a dirty car for all to see.
  2. Being surrounded by thousands of people.
  3. Driving to unknown locations.
  4. Not really knowing anyone.
  5. Having people close to the car.
  6. Tying balloons to my car.
  7. Being close to other cars.

(The list is much bigger in my head!)

My Mustang started off the morning spot free.  I had driven the ZX2 the whole week, keeping my white pony in the garage.  I had detailed it twice in one week.   Before the parade began I went through three of my best car drying towels.  Anxiety #1 averted. It drizzled off and on throughout the event, but spectators saw  nothing but amazing Mustangs as we drove two-by-two in the route.

A big thanks to husband Brad who agreed to ride shotgun and help me through all situations.  He had many important duties, including #3 and #6 listed above.


While those were expected, a major stresser just popped up without warning.  Brad had to jump out and retrieve green beads that had gotten stuck in the tread of my back tire. Round and round they went as I envisioned a monstrous strand of 1″ diameter beads causing havoc to my paint. (Of course this was not the case.)  I’m quite surprised they were able to hang on being sure at least $40 per tire had been spun off here and there along the parade route.  Let’s be clear the tires were merely spinning quickly in an excessive acceleration fashion.   There was no ‘burnout’ present for I am nothing if I am not a rule follower.

Anxiety #4 was quickly dispelled.  The other members of our group, The Mustang Club of St. Louis, were so friendly, welcoming, and helpful.  It’s obvious I’ve joined a group filled with enthusiasts that share a common passion for the Ford Mustang.

This also erased anxiety #7.  We were all in the same boat, have the same pride, and take care of our cars.


It was a new experience and a great day.

Thanks Bill C.  for talking me into participating.  I loved having people snap pictures of the cars, clapping as we drove by, and Yes, I would do it again.

Here are a few more pics!

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On The Road

I am very proud of my friend Mart from across the pond.  Please read his amazing story, visit his blog, and come to know the journey of new life breathed into a Mustang, a 1966 project from One Man and His Mustang.  Source: On The Road

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Ways to Say I Love You

It has been a great Valentine’s Day.  Here are just a few highlights that made my day so special.


Husband contributions included flowers, a card, and a delicious lunch at Smokee Mo’s BBQ.  Brad also shoveled the drive-way, took me to the antique mall (no, not to leave me there) and went with me to the grocery store…  Day was also made when I found a die-cast Mustang and VW bus prompting me to send a pic to VW son Jon in Springfield.  Being a new member of The Mustang Club of St. Louis inspired me to think of a Mustang Roundup. Hence the picture of my Hot Wheel collection.  I know this is all about me, but kudos to me for not sharing a picture of my Brisket Nachos!  I hope everyone enjoyed their day.  Sending all my love to friends and family here, there, and everywhere.

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Jedi Skills


This isn’t so much about skills as it is my comfort level.  Believe it or not, I’ve joined a club.

On Thursday evening (at son Jon’s suggestion) I ventured a pretty far distance from the house to join a car club…The Mustang Club of St. Louis.  And I am so very glad I did.  What a great bunch of car enthusiasts.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, making me feel right at home.  There was a lot of information to take in, but President Mike and the others did a fabulous job.  I especially love that they are involved in charitable work.  I’ll pass on information as I learn more details.

There are a few car shows coming up that I’m very excited to promote and be a part of.  The first one is on April 9th at The Museum of Transportation.  I’ll share more specific details on this and lots more as time gets closer.

Now on to the Jedi Skills part.  Upon leaving the meeting, President Mike gave me two window decals.  I waited until today to even think about putting one on my Mustang.  The more I thought about it, the more positive I became.  45 minutes later I was able to look at my handy work.  Not bad, I thought.  I must confess however, that while at one time getting in and out of the back seat intimidated me, I am now a Master Jedi at it.  In addition, my skill level has gone from zero to Jedi Knight ranking in the art of using a level. Yes, I used a level to put a simple decal on my window!

Pssst.  I now know why President Mike gave me two.

Please visit the clubs website on link above. I’m hoping to see my car on it very soon.

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Man in the Mirror

Here is a video Jon created!  This documents a photo shoot right after he got his 2016 GTI and our shared love for cars.  Enjoy


Song credits: Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Vile, produced by Matador Records, Copyright 2015

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