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Whether you’re ridin’ shotgun or driving solo, if you love cars then you probably love songs about them, especially if it sparks a recollection of a piece of your past, good or bad, reckless or careful.  There are so many great ones out there.  Many of them are sitting dormant in the backs of our dusty minds where only forgotten memories exist.  Once a song is mentioned out loud, then we say, “Oh, yeah, I remember that one!”  This is exactly what happened when I took a survey of my friends on Face Book.  They came up with a great list of songs.  In addition to the ones I already had in mind this collection includes some that are memorable, some that are new, old standards, and even a few that are not about cars, but are more about romance and life’s journeys.

As you can see by the photo one of my all time favorites is Trans Am by Sammy Hagar.  My dad had a ’79 Special Edition that I acquired after he died in 1980.  For four years I felt like a Rock Star driving it back and forth to college, probably not even aware of the power of that 6.6.  It was stolen and used as part of a chop-shop ring in 1984. Stories of the Trans Am will have to wait.  For now, you are welcome to check out the lyrics to Sammy’s song by clicking on the link below.

WPTrans Am by Sammy Hagar

Not to leave out the truck enthusiast we even came up with a few about the rough and rugged off-road way of life.  One of my new favorites is Things You Can’t Do in a Car by Due West.

East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed is actually about 18 wheelers, but you can’t listen to that song without picturing Burt Reynolds behind the wheel of his 1977 Black Pontiac Trans Am.  And speaking of things with more than 4 wheels doesn’t it bring back memories to think of that simple little song by Melanie called Brand New Key from 1971?  I owned it on 45!  This song about roller-skates and love can really take you back.

So here is my list with thanks to my friends for their input.  You are welcome to add your favorite car songs in the comment area.

As always…windows down, heater on, and radio up.  Enjoy!



Trans Am, I can’t drive 55 -Sammy Hagar

Hot Rod Lincoln – Commander Cody

East Bound and Down – Jerry Reed

One Piece at a Time – Johnny Cash

Low Rider – War

Little Red Corvette – Prince

Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett

Fast Cars and Freedom – Rascal Flatts

James Dean, Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles

In My Car – Shanai Twain

Cruise-Florida Georgia Line

Take a Back Road – Rodney Atkins

Born to be Wild-Steppenwolf

Hey Porsche-Nellie

Brand new key-Melanie

Beers Ago-Toby Keith

Things You Can’t Do in a Truck-Due West

Truck Yeah-Tim McGraw

Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck-Kip Moore


Life is a Highway-Rascal Flats

She Drives me Crazy-Fine Young Cannibals

U Gotta Fast Car-Tracy Chapman

Mercury Blues-Alan Jackson

The One I loved Back Then-George Jones

Mercedes Benz-Janis Joplin

Deuce Coup, Little GTO, and 409-Beach Boys

Pink Cadillac-Bruce Springsteen


Baby you Can Drive my Car-The Beatles

Making Thunderbirds-Bob Seger

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
Next in Line – Walk the moon

Drive-The Cars

I’m in Love with My Car-Queen

Jesus Take the Wheel-Carrie Underwood

All Revved Up, By the Dashboard Lights-Meatloaf

Red Barchetta-Rush

Dead Man’s Curve, Little ol’ Lady from Pasadena-Jan and Dan

Fire-The Pointer Sisters

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5 Responses to I E-A-T Z28

  1. Mart Dawson says:

    How about one of the best driving songs ever, Bat Out Of Hell – Meatloaf. One of my personal favourites, Cars – Gary Numan.


  2. mi34ke says:

    Definitely need to update my itunes to those songs


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