Random Sunless Monday

Trying to be productive with my blog, my intentions were to take amazing pictures today.  Sun in the sky, new camera ready, clean car… What will shine through, what will I look back on?

Knowing that local car shows are saving themselves for a new season I headed out to a neighboring Ford dealer to see if there might be some worthy Mustangs to shoot.  Rolling out of the garage with my ever-present positive mental attitude I was greeted by clouds        …CLOUDS.  Not just the kind that makes sun tanning a pain, but a whole entire blanket of them.  There was no end in sight-matched only by my attitude.  I can do this, I thought as I headed to Sunset Ford.  On the way, I started thinking about how cloudy days always made my over-polished Trans-Am look really good.  Clouds hid the swirl marks, clouds made the finish look even.

Uh oh, here comes a salesman.  How do I explain myself?  Is there an ordinance about taking pictures of cars for sale?  Apparently not…I was pretty uninteresting, considering I wasn’t buying a car, just taking pictures of them. He was nice enough, but disappeared pretty quickly.   And then another fellow named John approached me.   Things always seem to go better with a handshake.   John proved to be a nice representation of Sunset. He was great as he listened to me talk about my blog, then we talked about the ’04, 40th anniversary Mustang that kind of sat in limbo in front of us.  It was surrounded by so many empty parking spots (a parking dream)…as if searching for a purpose.    No cost sticker, no owner, just a lot of tricked out J.C. Whitney stuff.  Hood pins, tach, hard plastic add-ons that spouted Lethal Injected and Rousch.  Not sure if any of these things were true, but one thing was for sure…this Mustang was a shadow of its previous owner.  On a day with no sunshine, shadows were everywhere.

IMG_0242 IMG_0240

Silly me thought about the owner of that ’04 sitting on Sunset’s lot more than once today.  Unless you love cars you have no idea what it is to lose one.  Hopefully it was a good decision for him.   And so it goes…

The Mustang with the giant wing just made me smile.


The Mustang in the giant-size Hot Wheel box is a shadow of the desire to play without explanation.  Shouldn’t we all do that?


The mud-covered truck … well enough said.  This was taken another day, but I always like to include the phrase “Trucks are Cool” whenever I can.


The white mustang in the window is me.  One of my favorite things to do is give myself a drive-by while I’m in my car.  You understand.


Looking back on the day I realized it would be okay if I put Noz stickers in my backseat windows.  No, I don’t have bottles of Nitros hidden in my trunk, but those stickers are a shadow of me!

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Maybe next time there will be sun.

PS  The gas pump is a looming shadow of the times.


Following are some additional pictures of the day.

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2 Responses to Random Sunless Monday

  1. Debbie says:

    Not all of the pictures were taken at Sunset Ford. However, I would like to thank John for his great service.


  2. Mart Dawson says:

    Like the idea of a day out to see cars. That in my eyes is a good day indeed and time well spent. I like the pic of your car in the windows. Nice. 🙂


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