Postcards from Jon-April 3, 2013

Εν Αιγινη upstairs φωτογραφίες

Those of you who have been asking about Jon…here is an awesome look at how he is living his life in Greece.  His words make me so proud to be his mom.  He continually proves to be an amazing young man with a worldly outlook on his daily encounters.  Please visit him at his site while he journals through memorable words and pictures his time away from home, his time that shows a growing understanding of self.   Εν Αιγἰνη means the upstairs…a favorite bar of Jon’s in Greece.  He eloquently documents his time at this special place with people who have become special to him.       PS I apologize if these aren’t the correct photos.  My creepin’ skills have not failed me yet, and I’m pretty sure this is the bar!

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