Find of the Day. No fooling!

It was a great day out with my BFF, Yvonne today.  We did some house hunting for her potential move up here to the big city :).  Then a trip to Hobby Lobby led to a decision that I would let Brad redecorate the family room to resemble a Route 66 memorabilia shop.  He doesn’t know this yet.  As Yvonne was in need of a new pair of prescription sunglasses, we looked for the perfect pair to no avail.  However we did find a never-before-seen pair of sunglasses for me.  On clearance for $15, I snatched those babies up and promised my sacred Ray-Bans that they had nothing to worry about.

Jon made the laser-cut Mustang for me.

Jon made the laser-cut Mustang for me.

Yes, that's NOS in the background!

Yes, that’s NOS in the background!

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2 Responses to Find of the Day. No fooling!

  1. Mart Dawson says:

    I think I should get a pair too. B-)


  2. Debbie says:

    Absolutely! Although at $15 on clearance I’m not so sure they are a high sought after item. I tried to find them on the internet…ebay has them for $49 so we might be starting a new trend.LOL By the way they have a very impressive name: Mustang Sun Unleash 0101-02 Gray Black Red Sunglasses. Too funny!

    Like know you want to!

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