Retail Therapy – May 4, 2013

Mom and I plan on doing a few getaways this summer…Chicago and Route 66 are two that are in the early planning stages. You may not believe this, but there’s the world’s largest rocking chair waiting for us somewhere along Hwy 44.   However, it’s a proven fact that we don’t need to leave our hometown to feel like we’re taking a break from the rest of the world.  There are many times that we start with breakfast, hit all of our favorite stores, have dinner, then end up on the front porch.  We always have a great time whenever we’re together.  Moments are filled with finding the perfect pair of flip-flops, a new purse, (because we don’t have near enough of either!), or a new-fangled craft gadget that will help us perfect our newest endeavor. (We have so few of those, as well, LOL).  While the picture may imply “retail therapy”, no purchase could ever replace our very favorite thing… the moments spent laughing.  These are moments that I feel so fortunate to share with my wonderful mom.  It never gets old, no matter how old we get.  The posted picture may not be my mom’s car exactly, but it certainly depicts a fabulous day out with the most fabulous person I know.  The well-toned arms and perfectly manicured nails are pretty true to form, however.  🙂

Retail Therapy

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9 Responses to Retail Therapy – May 4, 2013

  1. Mart Dawson says:

    love the picture, made me laugh. Like you say, you may forget what you bought, but you will remember the good times.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love reading your posts . That sure does look like the rear of my cavalier minus
    the bags…. We always manage to get the trunk shut…
    There isn’t anyone I Love to spend time with more than you.. Mom


    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Mom. You’re the best! And I totally know we would never have a hat box in your trunk! Can’t wait until the next time we laugh together.


  3. bradnuessle says:

    @ Debbie’s last comment…. I’ve learned to never say never with the two of you. I’m sure there’s a hat box out there with your names on it. You just haven’t looked hard enough yet. So here’s to the laugh filled search!


  4. hotrodhigh says:

    I understand. My wife is a car girl and a shoe girl. The big trunk on her GTO comes in handy


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