Gas Station Restoration – August 22, 2013

Hobby Lobby Circa 2013

Hobby Lobby Circa 2013

I may not be able to restore a ’57 Chevy to its deserved beauty, but I sure can place a model of one on the back of a toilet.

While the boys lived ‘full time’ at home the second bathroom was home to razors, wet towels, and a pyramid of body wash bottles in the shower.  With Brad’s help we spit shined the basic components of this space, then I went to work….SHOPPING!

The goal was to have a fresh space that was unique to guests. (The underlying goal was so I can see a bunch of car stuff when I use the bathroom.)  LOL    There is a bit left to be done…I’d love to have black and white photos on one wall of our favorite cars, both past and present.  And catchy muscle car phrases on the towels seem appropriate.  My last idea includes garage style peg board on the wall behind the toilet holding a few tools, in an organized fashion of course.

Finally, I can’t bring myself to compose a joke about fuzzy dice in the bathroom…we’ll leave it at that.

Oh, well, one last comment…I guess a bathroom really is a “gas station”.  🙂

If you have any ideas for this new space please share!

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4 Responses to Gas Station Restoration – August 22, 2013

  1. Yvonne, the BFF says:

    It looks awesome–love the theme!!!


  2. This is so fun!
    Could you show some full views?
    I.e. From doorway, from shower.

    I think some Route 66 news print (or maps!) on the paint behind the mirror, would-be the awesome – maybe with muted rusty red hues, to match your vintage signs? I’ll have to research decoupage in the bathroom.

    Also those light fixtures are dying to resemble pistons or a vintage bumper – think of that a back-lit metal bumper spilling light down on the sink… Really cool.

    Lemme know what you think!


  3. Debbie says:

    Will try! But might include me in the mirror…LOLLove the idea about the prints and maps. And so true about the lights! Thanks for your input. 🙂

    Like know you want to!

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