Enjoy The Drive …#Mustangcrushmonday Week 9


In our house, we don’t discriminate.  If you love your car then we love that you do.  We’re not brand snobs, etc.  Son Jon is getting ready to acquire his brand new VW.  He’s brand smitten,


but remains true to all things about all cars.



A common thread that links all of us car folk together is knowing our car, knowing the miles, and appreciating the road both before us and behind us.

My new beast just turned over 3000 miles.  When I knew it was about to happen I purposely headed for Jon’s favorite back road, Meramec Bottom.


This is a flat, winding road, sometimes victim to flooding, but always a great drive.  Trees and fields, one lane bridges, fresh produce stands and even mysterious road that lead to who knows where.

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This #mustangcrushmonday post is dedicated to the drive that we find new again and again.   The road before us is one.  The road before us is many roads. It changes and transforms us, bringing us back to who we really are.

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2 Responses to Enjoy The Drive …#Mustangcrushmonday Week 9

  1. So true. I’m looking forward to a nice country road drive on a Sunday, windows down ready to nail the gas. We drive our cars on roads like these just because we can. 🙂

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  2. Yvonne Henderson says:

    I like how driving on back roads can be soothing to the soul. It can put things going on in your life into perspective and provide a sense of calm.

    PS–I enjoyed the pics of Jon! 👍

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