Blue Oval Wizards… #mustangcrushmonday


Another great day at my reliable Dave Sinclair Ford Dealership. The new car brought with it a few minor factory flaws. Of course these minuscule things, only a dedicated (not at all obsessed) car owner would notice. Over the past few months, my detailed list was viewed, noted, documented, highlighted, considered, and taken seriously by my favorite salesman Joe Palumbo. He stayed on top of it and kept me ever enthused about Ford’s promise to “make things right”.

While I was not looking forward to visiting the body shop, after Joe introduced me to Chris, my mind was put at ease. Details, integrity, and my feelings were first and foremost as we made more than a few trips around the car. Chris brought Tim into the picture and right on the spot, my baby, my beast was the newest member of the Dave Sinclair Wizardry club. Before I knew it, things were being checked off my list…most notable-my trunk lid was adjusted to fit perfectly.   Chris even recommended a product for me to use on my car. It’s officially on my wish list.

Before-If you can see the difference in gaps you are a dedicated car person.


If you can see the difference in the gaps you are a dedicated car person.

I’m not sure when Mr. Sinclair first said the words: “If it’s not right we’ll make it right”, but it still holds true to this day.




PS Looking forward to using this new product.


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5 Responses to Blue Oval Wizards… #mustangcrushmonday

  1. Such a pretty car, lie you say if you don’t look back you didn’t buy the right car.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Good service is so rare these days! It’s nice to know it’s alive & well at Dave Sinclair. By the way: that’s one schmexy beast you’re drivin’.👍😎😛

    Liked by 1 person know you want to!

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