2014 Corvette (My Review)


While the interior looks like it wraps around the driver, I don’t need my hot rod to hug me. I just need it to hug the road. And what are all of the color changes going on?  The dash looks like something one of my third graders would have detailed with their crayons.

As I was looking forward to seeing a kick-ass 2014 Corvette, I see a stretch of the imagination. A really big stretch. From a grill that looks like the smirk on one of the cars from Disney’s Cars movie to the elongated details, I am disappointed.  The back end looks like a compact version of the Camero and the headlights look like someone is squinting sideways.  In what world of hot rodding are headlights that long and skinny?

And why are there so many gashes in this car? Car is one color and then you put lots of black plastic stuff on it.  What ever happened to a hood scoop that says, “look at me I’m hiding some bad-ass carburetor under here.”

What are those slots behind the doors?  Is air being sucked in to the driver to keep him awake?  Yeah, you put a lot of technology on the inside, but way too much future on the outside.

I have to say that the side mirrors look like golf club covers. And they are so big and bulky that they look like they should fold in when parking.

Why didn’t you just make a Corvette?  We would have recognized it.  And we would have loved it.  The Corvette is resting somewhere waiting to be awakened.  So many enthusiasts will applaud Chevrolet when they sense, hear, feel it coming down the road in a uniquely recognizable and appreciated version of its famous and historic self.

Don’t be afraid to really flash back.  There are more of us waiting for it than you think.

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