Muscle cars don’t guzzle gas, they drink it with purpose. – July 19, 2013

Here are 7 not so interesting facts about me followed by The Plate of the Week.

  1. My favorite type of music is Country, but my favorite musical artist is P!nk.  It all sounds pretty great when the windows are down in any weather.  My son and I have a motto: “Windows down, heater on, radio up!”

    A powerhouse of uniqueness.

    A powerhouse of uniqueness.

  2. My very first personalized plates read RADICL.  I’ve had my present vanity plates since 1986, RAY-BAN.  While the plates in Missouri have gone through color and design changes I’ve kept the same letters.  That’s a very long time for free advertising.
  3. My Mustang has 78 thousand miles on it, and much to my husband’s financial frowning I am on my 4th set of tires.
  4. I’ve only had one speeding ticket in my entire life, and it happened just this October.  48 in a 35, but the officer took it down to 45.  After the ticket was issued, I swear the ghost of my father pulled up next to me in his ’79 Trans Am.
  5. My husband has driven my car only 7 times in the last 9 years.
  6. My first car was a ’79 Bobcat with a stick, and I remember boasting to anyone who would listen that it would someday have a 289 in it and that I would  be racing at I-55 Raceway in Pevely.  It was such a tiny little car that the Cragars I had to have only had four (not 5) spokes.  Oh, the dreams of a 17 year old.  It was a great little 4 speed! Click here to view.
  7. I openly wish I had NOS and a manual transmission in my car. And I drive as if I have both.
  8. I do not like this week’s Plate of the Week.  That’s why his silly little picture is mixed in with all this stuff about me.  Ha to him.

    Rest in peace, V-8...I think not!

    Rest in peace, V-8…I think not!

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Love cars, love writing, love family...that about does it.
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3 Responses to Muscle cars don’t guzzle gas, they drink it with purpose. – July 19, 2013

  1. Yvonne, the BFF says:

    This looks like a great post BFF. I will read it soon. Keep up the good work.


  2. Mart Dawson says:

    Hi Debbie,
    The plate on the Subaru has given me the hump as well. You should of pulled up next him and asked if their new model has 1, 000 bhp frim a v8 as a stock engine. I bet my car keys it won’t. lol.
    As for the speeding ticket I hope you didn’t tell the cops you were on the fourth set of tires. 😉


    • Debbie says:

      I’m delighted to say that i giggled a bit and told the officer that …”I now have a new story to tell”. He was surprisingly amused….The Subaru driver made an unattractive move toward the highway, surely to avoid the menacing sound of my V8!

      Like know you want to!

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