What’s Your USA DNA? …cars as weapons… 8/10/13

Jon’s visit to Greece. He left his car at home, and drove into a whole new culture.

I am not disappointed because I am not surprised.  Consequences…another story.  If you don’t want to live amicably (oh what I really mean is PROUDLY)  in the United States of America with fellow citizens then you should live somewhere else that accommodates your way of thinking.  Somewhere there is a place where you will fit in and feel right at home.  Get the hell out of our country and find a more suitable location to arm your weapons and unleash your anger.  You won’t be missed.   I am not “an eye for an eye” type, but I’d love to see a big boat full of jerks have their USA DNA checked then shipped off to parts unknown.

Before we continue:  This is not political and Plate of the Week fans can find pics at the end of the post.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I don’t get angry about many things.  My biggest pet peeves are litterbugs, gossip, and things like that.  But when someone tries to harm another person, I am understandably upset: in my own way.  My version of upset shows not much evidence or reaction.  It’s mostly internal which will quite likely lead to my demise of heart failure, a stroke, or a stress induced coma.  My glass is always half full no matter how many times some jerk tries to knock it over.  Never mind that this happened very close to our own front porch.

On to the story…

Evidence says a Lesabre?

Evidence says a Lesabre?

Son Jon was the victim of a hit and run this past Thursday evening.  It’s one thing to ding someone’s door and not leave a note…another to be the person to cause a fender bender…but let’s face it-It takes quite a mean person to purposely ram their car into your rear bumper while you’re doing the speed limit, then speed away.

I think the most disturbing part of this story is that the guy purposely pulled over so Jon could pass.  He then rammed Jon’s car from behind.  This is the first time I’ve wanted to take the G rating off my blog profile.

When I asked Jon to talk about the worst part of this whole thing-1. Damage to his car and the bumper he had just finished doing bodywork on or 2. the scariness that there really are seriously mean people in this world willing to do harm to another.  He had a different answer all together.  His main concern was not that it happened to him, but that it most likely has and/or will happen to others.  He went on to say that it bothers him quite a bit that it creates an unnecessary financial burden on the victim and the bad guy pays nothing.  Proud of him for putting a very humane spin on this bad situation.

The worst part for me was knowing that he could have been seriously hurt or even killed in a senseless act of stupidity.

I want to thank all of our friends who sent out a Facebook alert ASAP with the partial plate and description of the car.  And I want to send a note of appreciation to my WordPress followers who are car enthusiasts…Thank you all for loving your cars, for loving other people and their cars, and for knowing that cars are meant for so many wonderful reasons. Shame on those who see any car as a weapon.

Jon loves his car and has a hereditary love for all automobiles.  Never in his wildest dreams did he envision one being used to purposely hurt someone.  Life is full of lessons and some of them pretty much suck.  But I’m hoping that my amazing son keeps his windows rolled down, his radio up, (heat cranked in the winter), and doesn’t let this incident change his positive view of the American road and the wonderful people who drive it.  Drive on Jon Nuessle!  Be the example…in every country you tour.

Windows down, radio up!

One final note:  Let me again stress that this is not a political post.  The USA is still certainly a melting pot. The DNA reference is strictly figurative, not literal. However, I don’t care who you are…If you want to live here, you should play nice.  Thanks for letting me



about the….


Land that I Love

Everyone should have a USA

DNA Test

DNA Test

and that’s

No Bull!

No Bull!

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13 Responses to What’s Your USA DNA? …cars as weapons… 8/10/13

  1. Yvonne, the BFF says:

    Oh my–cleverly, well said–as always. Feeling blessed that Jon is okay in every way. Still holding onto the hope that the a_ _hole will be found and held accountable for his cowardly and inhumane action!


  2. mom.. says:

    I Thank God that Jon is OK..


  3. Katie says:

    Disconcerting story. Great writing, as always. My heart leapt to my chest when I read Jon’s post. I could only say a silent prayer that he wasn’t injured. So glad he wasn’t (physically).


  4. Douglas G says:

    Wow… I did not know these details. It was bad enough to know that Jon was rear ended, I did not realize the extent of the malicious intent. I’m very glad Jon is ok, and sorry it happened to him, and at all. I hope they catch that … person.


    • Debbie says:

      Thanks for your comment Douglas. I was really hard to say all of the details on facebook, but it was very easy for me to put them into my own words here. We are hoping they catch him too. Jon our budget boy is not so happy about the money that this “bad guy” is costing us.


  5. Mart Dawson says:

    I can’t stand efing idiots like that. Like you say somebody could have been killed, where are the cops? Oh yeah sitting in their cars waiting for somebody to speed. They should be visible to stop scum doin this. But, glad he is ok that’s the important thing, I could so easily end in tragedy.


  6. Debbie says:

    Mart, thanks for your concern and thoughts. I don’t blame the police as much as I do parents who raise mean kids to become mean people. There isn’t as much accountability in today’s society. So people think they can do whatever they want. This was an elderly man who had been swerving and all over the road, so alcohol may have been involved as well. So maybe this is just an old guy
    who had too much to drink. I do agree tho that it doesn’t seem right to be able to hand out speeding tickets, but not stop reckless driving. On a positive note, the officer that arrive was very nice to Jon and did his best to run all different combinations of the plate.


  7. Do you think this could have been an insurance scam ….it happens here more often than I feel comfortable with.
    There are times when I am driving that Owl gets annoyed with another driver and tells me to ‘get them’ but I won’t do anything that will cause damage to any car (ours or theirs).


    • Debbie says:

      Thank you for your suggestion. There are lots of people here in the USA that try to get away with something for nothing. It is quite sad. This guy had a different story, but sad as well.


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