Let It Go …

Let it go…said no car enthusiast ever.

A lot happens with a car between mile 3 and 95,059.   And when it comes time to trade it in the memories pay no heed to the Christmas tree and rush forward at nos induced speed. Sure there’s a new set of keys and oh, my damn the potential for torn up asphalt with so much flippin’ horsepower. But that doesn’t downshift the fact that your heart wells up with a scrapbook kaleidoscoped with history of the old one. My ’03 photo album on wheels has been closed and shelved. I’ll drive the new one with respect, wash it often, and make new memories in it. But letting go of the old one will never happen. Still frames archived in both heart and mind will never lose their relevance and the memories, as with any car worth owning, will live on.

IMG_1302I don’t much like having my picture taken, but when a photo says more than you can ever muster up in words then so be it.  I’m holding a towel from my old car to put on the front seat of my new one, my plates, my keys to hand over, and a whole boat load of memories inside.  I parked it as far away from the showroom as possible and was thankful they had already moved it when I pulled off the lot with my new one.

Perfect picture with the arrow.

Perfect picture with the arrow.

A few very important things made saying good-bye to my 2003 Mustang GT a bit easier. 1. Realizing it was time. 2. Hand selecting a new one all the way down to the one-of-a-kind stripes. ….And 3. The great service I received from Dave Sinclair Ford. At every step, my salesmen Tommy Detwiler and Joe Palumbo made sure my questions were answered, my needs were met, and the process was easy. Additional thank yous to Matt Hackney for making every service visit easy, Darrelle in finance and Brook for walking me through Sync.  You are welcome to meet the whole team here.

Choosing the new Mustang involved wheels, exterior color, interior features, and the stripes. Here are slide shows of those choices.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


With that being said here is a look at my new car. It’s pretty schmexy with its 435 HP, voice activated everything, 12 speaker Shaker entertainment system, and the absolutely amazing potential for excitement down any road. I can’t wait to see what happens between mile 3 and …..

For all of my blogging friends out there I have a dilemma. My domain is hoodscoop03.com, but I now drive a 2015. I guess I thought I would own that car forever. No surprise…I drove it like a 5.0 and loved every single minute I sat behind the wheel.

Last time detailing the car.

Last time detailing the car.

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8 Responses to Let It Go …

  1. That I’d one awesome looking car. Agreed with the wheel choice and stripes. A bold statement to get out of your way. 🙂 As for hoods coop I would leave it, everybody knows the blog now, besides 03 doesn’t have to be the year. It could be the 3 miles on the click etc. Well jell (jealous) of your car.

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  2. Yvonne Henderson says:

    Here’s to the memories of that awesome ’03… And congratulations on the purchase of that gorgeous 2015 with all the bells & whistles… I can’t wait to be “ridin’ with the fastest girl in town”… No matter what year it is, the pride of ownership will l


  3. Nice car and good choice Debbie. 🙂

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  4. Katie says:

    Great article, video, and pics. My-oh-my…super cool new Mustang! There was never any doubt your tribute would do the ’03 justice and usher in the new era of the ’15.


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