Full Blown … #mustangcrushmonday Week 4


Modifications for this family meant racing on the weekend and making the car ready to get groceries on Monday.

Modify…. that’s a pretty open-ended term. I’m just a gal with a car that I ordered from my beloved Dave Sinclair Ford. My new mustang is so awesome and I look forward to driving  it into the next 10 years. However, I met a guy today that has his own 2015 Mustang, said he modified it, but keeps his parts so he can be sure his warranty is still in tact.   Am I naive to think this is dishonest? (Shhhh the car was dirty, too). I’m all for modifying. Change your hotrod, muscle car, fixer-upper and make it run like the wind, sound like there’s a storm a brewin’, and rumble to the point that your heart rate changes. If you modify, then own it.  But change it then change it back so your dealer won’t know? Don’t make it about the two faces of speed.

Maybe I could have found out a bit more had the conversation gone on a bit longer, but this guy wouldn’t even turn around and make eye contact. Hey bud, respect the car, respect the driver. He knew the other Mustang out there was mine, but I didn’t get a good “we’re Mustang owners” vibe from him. My personal opinion, if I modify my car the whole world will know it. I’ll be proud, and won’t be afraid to blow my warranty by putting a blower on my engine. For now, I’ll just keep driving my bad-ass stock Mustang, hoping to meet up with some pansy who’s driving his in-between version of off the lot and off the lift. And…hey!…-look at me when we’re talking about cars…I love them way more than you can imagine.

Here are a few noteworthy pics.  I purposely did not take a picture of the “fool you now, fool you later” Mustang that I met today.

Modifications left to the imagination!  This is a lovely version of driving proud.


farfetchedJust a bit far fetched, almost like a Hot Wheel Tuner Car.  But I wouldn’t mind seeing it at the track.

Thanks for considering this week’s submission of #mustangcrushmonday

Please let me know what you think of modifying a brand new car, how far will you go, etc.

(The Ken Block photo is from autoblog.com)

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2 Responses to Full Blown … #mustangcrushmonday Week 4

  1. I have known people to buy new cars and “chip” them straight away. When the play up or go wrong swap the chips back again. A little dishonest like you say. On the other hand I bought a a 1987 Audi coupe Quattro and wanted to change the ride a little. I ordered some top quality progressive sport springs to lower the car a bit and improve the handling even more. The dealers agreed to cover it as they ordered them, fitted them and had their warranty applied. No problem at all with it. I also had the engine tuned by a specialist tuners, they didn’t want to cover that side, but I accepted that and still had the service to keep the warranty on the rest of the car. It’s a game of roulette doing that sort of thing. The dealers did say that the car was one of the quickest they had serviced and better handling cars! Praise indeed.

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    • Debbie says:

      Thanks for your comment Mart. It is a sticky game. If I am to improve upon my new 15 I will do it through the dealer. It’s like sticking with one reliable doctor for your health. In my case my dealer (service man) knows me as well as he knows my car. That’s extremely important.

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