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My first personal day of this school year was put to excellent use.  Along with several of my Mustang Club of St. Louis friends, on Thursday September 1, I participated in the Great American Pony Drive.  The following is taken … Continue reading

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It has been two months since my last post “Ten Reasons to Hire Me”.  Ford Mustang did not ask me to do their social media (for example) so I ended up signing my contract as a teacher for my fifteenth … Continue reading

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  The annual St. Louis Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was held on Saturday, 3/12.  Being a rain or shine event meant no complaints about the forecasted weather.  A forecast that proved to be correct on the only day parade folks … Continue reading

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This isn’t so much about skills as it is my comfort level.  Believe it or not, I’ve joined a club. On Thursday evening (at son Jon’s suggestion) I ventured a pretty far distance from the house to join a car … Continue reading

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The year is drawing to a close… …and here at the Nuessle home we are very excited to celebrate Christmas all together.   Presents are wrapped, menu items ready for prepping, and plans are in motion for memorable Christmas Eve and … Continue reading

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Registered and ready to go on a Fall Color Cruise with my best friend Yvonne.  It began at the Museum of Transportation and ended in Washington, MO.  The drive was beautiful and the company was even better.  We had a … Continue reading

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Sometime this week the new Mustang will turn over 5,000 miles.  I’m driving it quite a bit, and at a much faster pace than the last one.  That’s probably due to my distance to work and the incredible daily enjoyment … Continue reading

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STREET LEGAL-ish #mustangcrushmonday Week 4

Leave it to Ford, Ford Dealers, and advertising in general to improve on my love for the open road…with billboards. This #mustangcrushmonday was inspired by one I saw while traveling home from Nashville, TN.  It just happened to be that … Continue reading

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Full Blown … #mustangcrushmonday Week 4

Modifications for this family meant racing on the weekend and making the car ready to get groceries on Monday. Modify…. that’s a pretty open-ended term. I’m just a gal with a car that I ordered from my beloved Dave Sinclair … Continue reading

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A New Horse in Town!

435 of them to be exact….The garage will soon take on a whole new look.  Yes, my new Mustang has been ordered and the delivery date is somewhere around early June.  Lots of decisions were made.  A huge shout out … Continue reading

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