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It has been two months since my last post “Ten Reasons to Hire Me”.  Ford Mustang did not ask me to do their social media (for example) so I ended up signing my contract as a teacher for my fifteenth year.  It was with slow and steady pen, much deliberation, and a bit of a heavy heart. (Never doubt my love for teaching.)  While some may think I took the coward’s way out…it is far more important that I continue to do my part financially than to make any risky moves.  I will remain confident and steadfast in pursuit of a future filled with writing.  Rest assured-I’m working very hard getting my ducks in a row and making them quack.  I’m not a coward, just a go-getter with a level head.  As each of my ducks begin quacking respectively I will share details. I will be looking on the bright side of things knowing there is much to be done.  In the meantime-here is a bit of car stuff.

I got a new decal!  I’m pretty proud of it.



With both boys out of the house…I’ve come to know the perfect garage.  It isn’t filled with high performance show cars, but with family.


Since February, I’ve been in 5 cars shows (that I can recall) and one parade.  That’s a lot of shine and show.  Honestly, I’d much rather be on a back road cruise, but the folks in my car club are pretty neat to be around.

Early in the summer I met my twinsie…well almost.

I hope all is well with my social media friends.  Make the most of your summer.  Stay cool, be nice to other people, think positively, pick a goal and stick with it, and be you for a reason. #brightside

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