Pony Parade!


The Mustang Club of St. Louis had a great turnout at the first car show of the season. With temps in the high 40s, we met early offsite, then cascaded  down Dougherty Ferry to The Museum of Transportation.  Tops were poppin’ and exhaust was a blazin’. The parade of proud ponies was  a long and impressive line.   Our friends at Fords Unlimited were included in the showing.  Together, the clubs impressed volunteers, visitors, family, and friends.

Secretly I longed for name tags to make conversation a bit easier, but as the day progressed our parking spaces filled with spit shined metal melded together to form a bundle of horsepower, common quirks, and respect for the ride.  Names were not needed to rub elbows while talking about mods, hours spent detailing, and how we all check the weather channel before we check our Facebook page.

I love the car life and live for the next smell or sound that places me on the line or at the show.   Many thanks to all who supported our car show.

Here are a few pics.  My apologies if I left anyone out.  Final thought before we go to pics:  This post is dedicated to RUBY L MISSEY.  Mustangs forever, especially in heaven.

An inside….

out view of the day.

The club crew was eager to sign up new members!


And we met our newest member, Diane!  A very nice 2016!


While walking about I made a few new friends.  Zach and Josh love their rides and totally prepped them for the show.

I’ll leave you with a few more pics…or as I like to call it-PLATE of the WEEK.


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5 Responses to Pony Parade!

  1. Seems like at least one thing is pretty common across all car genres… We’ll remember your ride far quicker than we’ll remember your name. But all you need is a smile and a handshake and you know you’re in good company with some awesome people and equally cool cars. The auto life is a good one.
    Für den Geist der Fahr!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Very impressive! Love the pics & the plates! I’ll bet that was an awesome sight when all those Mustangs came down Daugherty Ferry! I’m so happy you found this club. It has to feel great being surrounded by people who share the Mustang passion!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Another Mustang romp, glad to see my club is doing well. Glorious day and glorious cars. 🙂
    Nice pics Debbie.

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  4. Katie says:

    Mike and I enjoyed seeing you and the Beast. The weather was perfect 😉


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