It has been a great Valentine’s Day.  Here are just a few highlights that made my day so special.


Husband contributions included flowers, a card, and a delicious lunch at Smokee Mo’s BBQ.  Brad also shoveled the drive-way, took me to the antique mall (no, not to leave me there) and went with me to the grocery store…  Day was also made when I found a die-cast Mustang and VW bus prompting me to send a pic to VW son Jon in Springfield.  Being a new member of The Mustang Club of St. Louis inspired me to think of a Mustang Roundup. Hence the picture of my Hot Wheel collection.  I know this is all about me, but kudos to me for not sharing a picture of my Brisket Nachos!  I hope everyone enjoyed their day.  Sending all my love to friends and family here, there, and everywhere.

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This isn’t so much about skills as it is my comfort level.  Believe it or not, I’ve joined a club.

On Thursday evening (at son Jon’s suggestion) I ventured a pretty far distance from the house to join a car club…The Mustang Club of St. Louis.  And I am so very glad I did.  What a great bunch of car enthusiasts.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, making me feel right at home.  There was a lot of information to take in, but President Mike and the others did a fabulous job.  I especially love that they are involved in charitable work.  I’ll pass on information as I learn more details.

There are a few car shows coming up that I’m very excited to promote and be a part of.  The first one is on April 9th at The Museum of Transportation.  I’ll share more specific details on this and lots more as time gets closer.

Now on to the Jedi Skills part.  Upon leaving the meeting, President Mike gave me two window decals.  I waited until today to even think about putting one on my Mustang.  The more I thought about it, the more positive I became.  45 minutes later I was able to look at my handy work.  Not bad, I thought.  I must confess however, that while at one time getting in and out of the back seat intimidated me, I am now a Master Jedi at it.  In addition, my skill level has gone from zero to Jedi Knight ranking in the art of using a level. Yes, I used a level to put a simple decal on my window!

Pssst.  I now know why President Mike gave me two.

Please visit the clubs website on link above. I’m hoping to see my car on it very soon.

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Here is a video Jon created!  This documents a photo shoot right after he got his 2016 GTI and our shared love for cars.  Enjoy


Song credits: Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Vile, produced by Matador Records, Copyright 2015

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This is a shot I’ve been wanting to get for quite awhile.  Waited for good sun and the nerve to block the entrance to a small neighborhood located south near Pevely, MO.


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The year is drawing to a close…

…and here at the Nuessle home we are very excited to celebrate Christmas all together.   Presents are wrapped, menu items ready for prepping, and plans are in motion for memorable Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations.

I want to take a minute to acknowledge  all of my WordPress family who work hard to share words, moments, and memories.  Also, a big thank you to followers who have supported my writing ambitions.


May 2016 bring new events worth a word or two, cars and people to photograph, and memories to share.


…no matter how you spend your holidays, life as a car enthusiast sure does add to the  merry and bright.



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Another great day at my reliable Dave Sinclair Ford Dealership. The new car brought with it a few minor factory flaws. Of course these minuscule things, only a dedicated (not at all obsessed) car owner would notice. Over the past few months, my detailed list was viewed, noted, documented, highlighted, considered, and taken seriously by my favorite salesman Joe Palumbo. He stayed on top of it and kept me ever enthused about Ford’s promise to “make things right”.

While I was not looking forward to visiting the body shop, after Joe introduced me to Chris, my mind was put at ease. Details, integrity, and my feelings were first and foremost as we made more than a few trips around the car. Chris brought Tim into the picture and right on the spot, my baby, my beast was the newest member of the Dave Sinclair Wizardry club. Before I knew it, things were being checked off my list…most notable-my trunk lid was adjusted to fit perfectly.   Chris even recommended a product for me to use on my car. It’s officially on my wish list.

Before-If you can see the difference in gaps you are a dedicated car person.


If you can see the difference in the gaps you are a dedicated car person.

I’m not sure when Mr. Sinclair first said the words: “If it’s not right we’ll make it right”, but it still holds true to this day.




PS Looking forward to using this new product.


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Registered and ready to go on a Fall Color Cruise with my best friend Yvonne.  It began at the Museum of Transportation and ended in Washington, MO.  The drive was beautiful and the company was even better.  We had a great day and Missouri landscape did not disappoint.  Of course I don’t have any pictures of trees and their color changes.  When you are cruising with a group of cars your are moving non stop to your destination.  We met lovely people and had a fabulous day.  It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned, but when your BFF is riding shotgun, nothing else matters.  I love you Yvonne!

Here is a small peek at The Museum of Transportation.

The following is a video of Group B leaving for Washington, MO.  (I didn’t think quickly enough to capture Group A.)

We were in group C and left last.  I think it was because our cars were newer, more reliable, and would arrive on time without incident….perhaps being able to give rides to those whose cars didn’t have enough power to get them there.  LOL  We were an eclectic group to say the least, but everyone was so nice, and appreciative of the drive.


The young man who drove the following vehicle was so nice, as were his friends (one on a motorcycle).  I believe we had the most power and handling of the other groups (as the hood pins would imply).  Insert smiley face here!


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My beast, my baby...

My beast, my baby…

Sometime this week the new Mustang will turn over 5,000 miles.  I’m driving it quite a bit, and at a much faster pace than the last one.  That’s probably due to my distance to work and the incredible daily enjoyment of traveling absolutely anywhere.

Today the odometer read 4,8xx and before I knew it a lady started interuppting my music alerting me to a performance report.  Sure enough the odometer was at exactly 4,900 miles, I said Yes, and the report was sent to my email.  Amazing.

IMG_1766Foreseeing the 5,000 mile mark I made an appointment to get my car serviced this coming Monday, which led to detailing in hyper-mode.  The wheels, tires, engine, and all things touchable have been cleaned.  Husband Brad even chuckled when he saw me concentrating on various parts of the engine.  I’m quite proud of my front and back windows as it is no easy feat to clean those puppies, let alone get my middle-aged self out of the back seat.  Too funny.

Here is a list of the supplies I used today.  Q-Tips, Baby Wipes, Invisible Glass, Glass wipes, water, Maguiars Black tire coating, two big towels, three hand towels, paper towels, and $1 at the car wash.  Keep it clean and then it just needs a bit of a sponge bath.

This caused an additional sideways look.

Keeps the dust off my stripes.

Keeps the dust off my stripes.

And yes, #mcm is being posted on Sunday, because my demanding job seems to keep getting in the way of what I really want to do.

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Consider a 2016 2.0T Volkswagen GTI SE (Lilly) and a 2015 5.0 Ford Mustang GT (The Beast) …

Total # of speakers-21

Total # of cupholders-6

Total # of speeding tickets-4

Total horsepower-662

Average top-end speed-170MPH (so say the speedometers, challenge accepted)

Average 0-60 speed-5.3 seconds (hello Sport Mode)

Sharing a love for automobiles: PRICELESS

Jon’s new car finally arrived and we went for a little drive.

Needless to say we had a great time.

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So proud of Jon for making this come to light.  He’s a great example of a true car enthusiast.  Thank God for family and fast cars.




I give credit to the Fast and Furious franchise for the title of this post.  We miss you Paul.

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In our house, we don’t discriminate.  If you love your car then we love that you do.  We’re not brand snobs, etc.  Son Jon is getting ready to acquire his brand new VW.  He’s brand smitten,


but remains true to all things about all cars.



A common thread that links all of us car folk together is knowing our car, knowing the miles, and appreciating the road both before us and behind us.

My new beast just turned over 3000 miles.  When I knew it was about to happen I purposely headed for Jon’s favorite back road, Meramec Bottom.


This is a flat, winding road, sometimes victim to flooding, but always a great drive.  Trees and fields, one lane bridges, fresh produce stands and even mysterious road that lead to who knows where.

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This #mustangcrushmonday post is dedicated to the drive that we find new again and again.   The road before us is one.  The road before us is many roads. It changes and transforms us, bringing us back to who we really are.

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