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Vanity plates while I’m on the go!

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago Brad and I were at Dave Sinclair Ford agreeing that “yes, white is the best color”. (Most people don’t know that I really wanted a certain shade of blue, but there wasn’t … Continue reading

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So much and not enough has been said about 9/11.  This day in history gives us the gift of appreciating what we have and what others have lost…the devastation of lives sacrificed and our own ability to live greater lives…the … Continue reading

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This weeks installment includes monkeys, cartoon animals, ankle nipping dogs, and a collection of animal enthusiasts who proudly display their adoration of the furry, fantastic, and flying members of God’s creation.    Throw in a  Goat that says, “Grrrrr”, and … Continue reading

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I am not disappointed because I am not surprised.  Consequences…another story.  If you don’t want to live amicably (oh what I really mean is PROUDLY)  in the United States of America with fellow citizens then you should live somewhere else … Continue reading

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Baseball, football, or hockey…St. Louis is a sports town so it’s no surprise that it was easy to spy a few fans fanatical enough to display their love for said sports on a vanity plate. To have a personalized plate … Continue reading

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Muscle cars don’t guzzle gas, they drink it with purpose. – July 19, 2013

Here are 7 not so interesting facts about me followed by The Plate of the Week. My favorite type of music is Country, but my favorite musical artist is P!nk.  It all sounds pretty great when the windows are down … Continue reading

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Plumbers, florists, and teachers…oh, my!  My favorite of the bunch is ICUT-U.  One can only assume this is the car of a hairstylist.   Hmmm…or maybe a surgeon. Being a Hyundai on a Burger King parking lot might give us … Continue reading

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Here are two great pics stating the obvious.  You gotta love your vehicle to tell everyone what your driving, while driving what they can see you are driving.  Hmmm, I think I know someone who does the same thing with … Continue reading

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This is my favorite plate to date for its cleverness.  Good friend and follower Kathy P and I were out shopping one day and came across this in the parking lot of Bed Bath and Beyond.  The ‘beyond’ part seems … Continue reading

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Down a Dark Alley – 6/16

In my first plate for this week we have Darth Vader.  I know he’s not my father, but apparently he was Luke Skywalker’s.  He is a menacing character from the Star Wars saga, and I don’t believe his personality lent … Continue reading

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