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STREET LEGAL-ish #mustangcrushmonday Week 4

Leave it to Ford, Ford Dealers, and advertising in general to improve on my love for the open road…with billboards. This #mustangcrushmonday was inspired by one I saw while traveling home from Nashville, TN.  It just happened to be that … Continue reading

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#mustangcrushmonday Week 3

The new 2015 Ford Mustang comes with it a very special feature…the Toggle Switches.  In order from left to right we have Hazard Lights, Traction Mode, Steering Mode, and Driving Mode. Hazards are self explanatory. Traction Mode includes ON for … Continue reading

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Throw Back Thursday

Not certain how long ago that was taken, but we sure did have fun driving around together.  Now these wonderful young men are all grown up with cars of their own. Jon’s next car! Finally, here’s a true Throw Back!

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Let It Go …

Let it go…said no car enthusiast ever. A lot happens with a car between mile 3 and 95,059.   And when it comes time to trade it in the memories pay no heed to the Christmas tree and rush forward at … Continue reading

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  Summer means shining up the car, swiping the gas card at the local pump, and venturing off to parts unknown. Today was no different. A friend of a friend told me about a nice little white horse down around … Continue reading

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It’s the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese.  However, we auto enthusiasts might look at it a bit differently.  A horse with four legs is fine for cowboys, rodeo riders, and the like.  The kind that gets my … Continue reading

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My first car show appearance. As my car nears it’s 10th birthday, it additionally shows some wear and tear.  At the same time there are improvements I would like to make. 1. The headlights show much wear from the sun … Continue reading

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Plumbers, florists, and teachers…oh, my!  My favorite of the bunch is ICUT-U.  One can only assume this is the car of a hairstylist.   Hmmm…or maybe a surgeon. Being a Hyundai on a Burger King parking lot might give us … Continue reading

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Down a Dark Alley – 6/16

In my first plate for this week we have Darth Vader.  I know he’s not my father, but apparently he was Luke Skywalker’s.  He is a menacing character from the Star Wars saga, and I don’t believe his personality lent … Continue reading

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Friends, Over the next few months car enthusiasts – owners, collectors, and dreamers alike will be able to participate in a Car Cruise hosted by Chick-fil-A in Arnold, MO.  Whether you have been waiting for St. Louis Summer weather to … Continue reading

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